Modern Family
'Modern Family' season 6 will be back on ABC with 'Strangers in the Night'.Facebook/Modern Family

The cast and crew of "Modern Family" are getting ready to tickle viewers' funny bones with a new episode on ABC this Wednesday at 9pm.

The ninth episode, titled "Strangers in the Night", will introduce Kristen Johnston as Mitchell Pritchett's (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) distressed co-worker Brenda.

As per the official synopsis of the next episode, Mitchell and Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) just got a beautiful white couch delivered but when Mitch is stuck helping out Brenda, a distressed co-worker, and allows her to stay - it is a mishap waiting to happen."

The sneak peek video of "Modern Family" season 6 episode 9 reveals that Phil (Ty Burrell) has a new admirer, "I washed the car in my cheer shorts the other day. I definitely felt eyes on me," he says.

Meanwhile, Alex (Ariel Winter) tells Phil and Claire (Julie Bowen) she has a boyfriend and they worry they have put too much pressure on her and has made up an imaginary boyfriend.

On the other hand, Jay and Gloria, both have parties that they are dragging the other to and Jay has a clever plan to get himself out of it, but Manny just might spoil everything.

Watch the Wednesday night's episode of the popular American sitcom to find out more about Dunphys and Pritchetts. "Modern Family" season episode 9 will be live streamed HERE.