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In a bid to meet the ever growing demands of its customers, Tata Sky has launched 'Everywhere TV', a new mobile app to allow its subscribers live stream their favourite television programmes on their mobile phones and other devices even while travelling.

The direct-to-home (DTH) television operator will initially offer 54 TV channels (Hindi and English) to its subscribers on payment of ₹60 per month, before venturing to regional channels and increasing the number of channels to over 200 in the future.

"People spend hours in transit or waiting daily. Today over 60 per cent of the [Tata Sky] population use Internet to view videos on their smartphones and tablets either at home or at office. Everywhere TV is a service for those subscribers who want to keep in touch with their favourite shows, programmes and channels that they have subscribed on Tata Sky even when they are on move through their mobile handset," Vikram Mehra, Chief Commercial Officer, Tata Sky was quoted as saying by The Hindu.

"The idea is to let our subscribers watch TV while they are travelling or when they are out of home. All that they need is a good 3G mobile connection or wi-fi connectivity," Press Trust of India (PTI) quoted Mehra as saying.

"We started the 'a la carte' option to let customers choose what channels they want to watch, we introduced the recording option so that they can watch programmes later. Now, our next step is to let them watch live while on the move via mobiles."

Tata Sky subscribers have to download the app from Apple and Android stores to avail the TV programme live streaming offer.