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A large mob of 50 men burst into a party in Whitefield, Bangalore and beat up the people inside as they were in the middle of their Navratri celebrations. The incident took place at the Isha Misty Green building in the Channasandra locality.

Seven people who were part of the mob were later arrested by the local police, reports the Times of India. The accused said that the revellers were playing loud music and that they were irked by it.

On Thursday night, the mob, who lived in the nearby areas, gathered and reportedly barged into the apartment where the celebrations were taking place. They then proceeded to physically assault the party-goers, notes the report. Those that were hurt included young boys.

Kadugodi police were then informed, notes the report. When the police reached the scene, most of those involved in the assault fled the scene, while the cops arrested a few of the mob. The assailants have been slapped with a case of trespassing by the police under a complaint from the residents of the flat.

Those accused have also lodged a counter-complaint against attacked revellers, alleging that they were disturbing the peace by playing loud music.

The local police have, so far, reportedly arrested seven people who were a part of the mob including two women for attacking party-goers inside the flat while an investigation into the incident is still underway. The men arrested for barging into the apartment are all reported to be drivers and the women, their wives.