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We are still a few days out of the premiere of Disney's Moana. She is a way more different than other Disney princesses.

Inspired by Hawaiian mythology, Moana tells the story of a young 16-year-old princess, who will use her navigational skills to save her people from an impending natural disaster. So after her father's death, Moana decides to look for the fabled island to heel and return a precious stone to where it belongs along with demigod Maul (Dwayne Johnson).

Moana definitely hits the wave of a girl power, thus here are the five reasons why you should not miss the film.

Moana brings diversity

She's is the first Polynesian princess and Disney Animation's 5th princess of colour that adds more diversity into the character.

Moana is badass

As the story revolves, Moana has to conquer all the odds that she will face in her mission. She has to face bad monsters of the deep and confront a vengeful land spirit. Apparently, she is more of a Hercules than being a Disney princess.

Moana is self-dependant

Moana's story is bit different. She has a passion for exploration, and a connection to the ocean itself. She is not about the pursuit of true love. Even after her father's death, the young woman will use her navigational skills to find a mythical island that holds the key to saving her family.

Use of brand new technique of animation

It will be a visually captivating film. Animator Eric Goldberg, who worked with the directors on Aladdin and Hercules and also a two time Grammy winner, is leading Moana's hand-drawn animation to integrate the 2D drawings into the 3D animation.

Aside that Ocean plays a very crucial role in this movie, so the animators set out to create new technology that would serve their needs and impress viewers. Disney Animation team created a new water solving system called Splash to help them build the effects shots that take up 80 percent of the movie.

At last, it's a musical movie

There is just nothing like a good Disney musical. Ever since Frozen got released, we have not had a musical from the production. Hamilton star and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda is doing the music for Moana and he is planning to destroy you emotionally.

Moana is scheduled to be theatrically released on November 23, 2016.