MAMA 2017
The first set of winner for Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 were announced in Vietnam.Twitter/MAMA

The Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 kicks off with a live broadcast from the Asia World-Expo Arena in Hong Kong. The annual award ceremony will feature star-studded performances of popular K-Pop bands, including EXO and BTS.

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The event will be hosted by Descendants Of The Sun star Song Joong Ki. The celebrity line-up for this year includes GOT7, Red Velvet, Super Junior, Lee Young Ae, Song Ji Hyo, Lee Je Hoon, Lee Beom Soo, Kim Yoo Jung, Kwon Yool, Kim Jae Wook, Nam Joo Hyuk and Ahn Jae Hyun.

Check out all the updates of the award show below as and when it happens:

10.51 pm HKT: Album Of The Year winner is EXO

10.47 pm HKT: Artist Of The Year goes to BTS

10.37 pm HKT: BTS performs Mic Drop

10.35 pm HKT: BTS on stage with Chyper 4

10.31 pm HKT: BTS performs DNA

10.25 pm HKT: BTS on stage with Beyond Warmhole and Not Today

10.23 pm HKT: Best Male Group of the year goes to Wanna One

10.12 pm HKT: Super Junior sets the stage on fire

10.06 pm HKT: Karen Mok performs Love Of My Life

10.05 pm HKT: Best Asian Artist Mandarin is Karen Mok

10.01 pm HKT:  World Performer Award of the year goes to GOT7

9.59 pm HKT: Best OST winner is Ailee

9.41 pm HKT: Wanna One sets the stage on fire

9.32 pm HKT: Artist of The year to be announced soon

9.29 pm HKT: Stay tuned to know the winner of Album Of The Year

9.24 pm HKT: Best Female Artist winner is IU

9.20 pm HKT: EXO performs remix version of Power

9.17 pm HKT: EXO member Kai performs I See You

9.13 pm HKT: EXO performs KO KO BOP

9.11 pm HKT: EXO on stage with The EVE

9.08 pm HKT: The winner of Best Asian Style in Hong Kong is BTS

9.02 pm HKT: Best Female Group of the year goes to Red Velvet

8.58 pm HKT: Hyuoh sets the stage on fire

8.56 pm HKT: NCT127 bags New Asian Artist award

8.53 pm HKT: Best Vocal Performance Group winner is Bolbbalgan4

8.48 pm HKT: Ailee sets the stage on fire

8.21 pm HKT: NCT127 and Red Velvet on stage with a mesmerising performance

8.11 pm HKT: GOT7 and DAY6 set the stage on fire

8.08 pm HKT: Style In Music winner is Sunmi

7.58 pm HKT: EXO member Chen and Dynamic Duo bag Best Collaboration award

7.44 pm HKT: Heize and Bolbbalgan4 collaborates for a special performance


7.38 pm HKT: Winner of Best Music Video is BTS

7.26 pm HKT: Sunmi and Taemin sets the stage on fire


7.23 pm HKT: Hyukoh bags Best Band Performance award

7.18 pm HKT: Best Hip Hop and Urban Music winner is Heize

7.06 pm HKT:Monsta X, NCT127, Dynamic Duo performs

7.03 pm HKT: MAMA 2017 kicks off with a performance by EXO member Chen and Dynamic Duo.

7.00 pm HKT: MAMA 2017 in Hong Kong will kick start in few seconds.

6.30 pm HKT: Joo Heon at the red carpet

6.23 pm HKT: The host for tonight Song Joong Ki walks the red carpet

6.20 pm HKT: Lee Young Ae walks the red carpet

6.13 pm HKT: EXO walks the red carpet

6.08 pm HKT: Wanna One walks the MAMA red carpet

6.03 pm HKT: Lee Ha Nui at the red carpet

6.00 pm HKT: Lee Je Hoon walks the red carpet

5.59 pm HKT: Yoon Kye Sang at the MAMA red carpet

5.57 pm HKT: BTS walks the red carpet

5.56 pm HKT: Sunmi at the red carpet

5.55 pm HKT: Super Junior at the red carpet

5.54 pm HKT: Lee Chung Ah at the red carpet

5.52 pm HKT: Tiger Lee at the red carpet

5.51 pm HKT: Taemin walks the red carpet

5.46 pm HKT: Red Velvet walks the red carpet

5.44 pm HKT: Kim Jae Uck and Cho Bo Ah at the red carpet

5.42 pm HKT: Ahn Jae Hyeon and Park Ju Mi at the red carpet

5.39 pm HKT: Heize and Bolbbalgan4 at the red carpet

5.38 pm HKT: Song Ji Hyo at the red carpet

5.36 pm HKT: Dynamic Duo at the red carpet

5.34 pm HKT: Kim Sae Ron walks the red carpet

5.33 pm HKT: Kim Min Seok and Kin You Jung at the red carpet

5.32 pm HKT: Ji Soo and Nam Joo Hyuk walks the red carpet

5.29 pm HKT: Karen Mok wore a floor-lenght gown at the red carpet

5.26 pm HKT: Wong Cho Lam at the MAMA red carpet

5.24 pm HKT: Jeong Se Woon walks the red carpet

5.22 pm HKT: Soyou wore a black dress at the red carpet

5.20 pm HKT: GOT7 members walk the red carpet

5.17 pm HKT: Day 6 members confidently walk the reed carpet

5.16 pm HKT: Kwon Yul at the red carpet

5.15 pm HKT: Hyukoh walks the red carpet

5.13 pm HKT: Ailee walks the red carpet in black dress

5.06 pm HKT: Vernon walks the red carpet

5.06 pm HKT: NCT 127 shows off new hair colours

5.04 pm HKT: Choseho walks the red carpet

5.00 pm HKT: Red carpet arrivals begin

4.57 pm HKT: Red carpet arrivals in three minutes

4.55 pm HKT: K-Pop fans cheer for EXO, BTS, Wanna One, Super Junior and Red Velvet.

4.50 pm HKT: Countdown begins

4.48 pm HKT: Kim Young Chul, Shin A Young and Ji Sook walks the red carpet.

4.41 pm HKT: Watch red carpet arrivals and vote for Best Asian Style in Hong Kong.

4.37 pm HKT: K-Pop fans excited to watch EXO, BTS and GOT7 walk the red carpet.

4.34 pm HKT: Red carpet arrivals in less than 30 minutes.

4.57 pm HKT: