South Korean singer Kim Tae-yeon, or better known as TaeYeon, from the Girls' Generation poses on the red carpet during Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) in Hong Kong, China December 2, 2016.REUTERS

 The biggest highlight of the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016, which happened on Friday night, was American rapper Wiz Khalifa performing one of his biggest hits. However, it could have been a much more entertaining performance if Girls' Generation's Taeyeon would not have pulled out of the act.

Taeyeon, who won best female artist award on Friday, was supposed to perform with the American rapper. However, she had to pull out of the performance and instead had her solo performance. Following the cancellation, Khalifa shared on Twitter that Taeyeon backing out caught him off guard.

"The fact that Teyeon backed out of our performance caught me off guard too but never accept rejection as failure," he tweeted.

However, Taeyeon in a statement clarified why she couldn't collaborate for a performance despite practising with him before the main event. The singer in an Instagram post revealed that she backed out from the performance because there was some problem with the music that was supposed to broadcast.

Read her post below, as translated by Soompi.com.

"I will explain about yesterday's stage because I think there are many who are curious about it (I would be curious too).

"I greeted Wiz Khalifa and was looking forward to it while preparing for the rehearsal yesterday. Suddenly I heard that there was a problem with the music that was going to be used for the broadcast, so I couldn't do a proper sound check and we couldn't do the performance together..

"It is really regrettable. In order to perform live an instrumental is needed, but an AR had been prepared instead of a MR. I didn't really know what to do since we are supposed to perform live in this kind of situation. However, it's right to place importance on the collaboration because this kind of opportunity doesn't occur easily^^

"I thought I could just sing over the AR and cover it.. so I considered it and wanted to create an amazing stage with the production crew doing their best.. and we decided to just continue as is.

"But a few hours before the show, I found out that our stage got canceled and there were some unexpected turn of events due to the event being held overseas. I heard that there were issues with the performance equipment the day prior to the show as well as during rehearsal..

"Wiz Khalifa waited for the rehearsal and went to the hotel. It seems like there was an overlap of various problems. I'm sad and feel regret that I had to return without doing a good performance..

"I hope that people do not have misunderstandings due to this. There must be people who heard about the stage and looked forward to it. I will meet you and show you a better performance next time. Thank you for showing support and giving me strength until the end yesterday."

Watch Wiz Khalifa's Mnet Asian Music Awards 2016 performance below: