The death of Mollywood filmmaker Sachi has devastated the fans and the Malayalam film industry. Especially the ones who had worked with him are refusing to believe that the director is not among us anymore.

Miya George
Miya George, who worked with Sachi in the films like Anarkali and Driving License, has spoken about his influence on her.Miya George Facebook

Actor Prithviraj Sukumaran had penned an emotional letter over Sachi's death where he spoke about the bonding that they shared and their future plans. The actor went on to claim that his career would have ended up at a different level if he was alive.

Now, actress Miya George, who worked with Sachi in the films like Anarkali and Driving License, has spoken about his influence on her and reveals that the director had shown the climax of his superhit movie Ayyappanum Koshiyum even before his climax.

Miya George
Miya George.PR Handout

The actress also claims that he had called her a few days before his death. Check out her post below:

Still I m not able to accept the fact that he s gone to the other world. His blessings were upon me from the initial stage of my career till my last movie.Chettayees, Anarkali, Sherlock Toms nd the last released one Driving Licence.Each one of them had a special impact on me..on my career nd on me as a person..Sachiettan always considered me as his younger sis.I still remember the day we met for the premier of Driving Licence.

He was happy nd satisfied seeing the final product. He even showed me Ayyappanum koshiyum climax fight scene in his phone. He was in his energy mode when spoke few days back over phone..Never knew it wud be the last tym. I still can hear his voice..Will never forget ur Kilukkampetti vili Sachiettaa..U were fighting these days nd we were dere with prayers but it cudnt save u ...U were not a cinemakaaran for most of us...U were more more more than that..we love u..we miss u ..RIP".

KR Sachidanandan aka Sachy
KR Sachidanandan.KR Sachidanandan Facebook Page

Sachi aka KR Sachidanandan died after suffering a cardiac arrest on 18 June. He had started his career as a writer before turning an independent filmmaker.