Missing German tourist Lisa Wiese
Missing German tourist Lisa WiesePR Handout

Karoline Heling, the sister of 31-year-old German tourist Lisa Wiese, who had gone missing in Thiruvananthapuram three months ago, says that her sister visited the place to find some inner peace.

The report of the alleged missing of the German woman has come a year after the brutal killing of a 33-year-old woman tourist "Liga Skromane" from Latvia which had rocked the state. After what happened to her sister, Ilze Skromane, sister of Liga Skromane, has been constantly following up such cases, especially the missing people's cases in Kerala, in her FB post after a conversation with Lisa's sister Keroline she commented: "Only God knows what her family is going through now."

Soon after she came to know about the missing of Lisa from her friends at Kerala, Ilze started search operation from her end with the help of social media, she managed to find a contact of Karoline, Lisa's Wiese sister, to offer all possible help in finding her.

It could have proved hard for the two women to communicate, as Karoline is not comfortable with English which also makes the whole situation harder for the family, but with the help of Ilze's German friend they were able to communicate and gather all the important information.

"It was not Lisa's first time visiting India. She had travelled to Kerala in 2011 and stayed at Amrithapuri for two months. After the visit, she moved to Berlin and converted to Islam. In 2012 Lisa moved to Cairo and joined an Islamic Commune, where she met her partner a US citizen and got married. In 2013 she gave birth to her first son Abbas, one year later to her second son Mohammed, Karoline said in a statement to IBTimes India.

Missing German tourist Lisa Wiese with her son and sister
Missing German tourist Lisa Wiese with her son and sisterPR Handout

"Unfortunately her marriage didn't work out and in 2016 Lisa got divorced. She is such a loving and great mother, her sons keep asking about their Mom, it is heartbreaking. Later in 2016, she moved to Cologne in Germany with her children and started living with a Muslim commune. Two years later they moved to Sweden. Before she left for India, our grandmother and her children went to visit their dad in the US," Karoline added.

Lisa Wiese's sister continued, "On March 5, 2019, Lisa had a video call with her son, she said she would get in touch after three weeks. Next day, she left Sweden and via Dubai reached Trivandrum, Lisa was accompanied by a friend from the UK, Mohammed Ali, and possibly another Swedish friend."

The police have confirmed that it was on March 7 Lisa arrived at Thiruvananthapuram International Airport. "Last time we heard from my sister was on March 10, Lisa called Mom and said, "I'm in India now!" It was a brief conversation and Mom said she sounded very happy. Lisa is very strong and decisive, we didn't want to disturb her as she wanted to spend some days alone at Amma's Ashram," said Karoline.

"After three weeks, we didn't get any updates from her. Lisa's son's birthday was coming up and when she didn't call we got very worried, Lisa would never miss that. We tried to contact her but there wasn't any positive response. We had no other choice in front of us except contacting the German Embassy in Delhi. They made inquiries to see if Lisa has been registered with the police, hospital, or some Ashrams and stopped the search saying that Lisa is an adult and can decide herself when to get in touch," added Karoline

"We got more worried by the day but we didn't know what to do. On June 9, together with Mom we filed a missing person's complaint in Flensburg Police in Germany. Our complaint was handed over to German Consulate and they filed the complaint to State Police Chief of Kerala, Mr Loknath Behra," Karoline concluded.

Police have started a probe under the supervision of Shanghumughom, Assistant commissioner R Illango on the incident after registering a case at the direction of the State Police Chief. Police have checked with emigration authorities, to find out if Lisa could have left the country but she hasn't exited even though her visa has also expired. Police are trying to contact the person who accompanied her to find out more details. A state-wide probe has started to find Lisa and return her to family. Police are verifying whether she reached Amritapuri.