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The organisers of the 64th edition of the Miss World contest revealed the top 10 contestants for People Choice's Award. The Miss World 2014 beauty pageant started on 20 November in London.

Overall, 125 contestants from across the world are participating in the beauty pageant to win the coveted Miss World 2014 crown. However, organisers on Friday revealed the name of 10 contestants for one of the distinct awards – People's Choice Award.

The names of the 10 contestants were revealed on the official Facebook page of the beauty pageant. The contestants are Courtney Thorpe from Australia, Zoe Trotman from Barbados, Sakadi Djivira from Chad, Carolyn Desert from Haiti, Koyal Rana from India, Maria Asteria Sastrayu from Indonesia, Subin Limbu from Nepal, Valerie Weigmann from Philippines, Rolene Strauss from South Africa and Maeya Nonthawan Thongleng from Thailand.

The winner of the People's Choice Award will get a chance to join the top five contestants for the 'Question & Answer' round at the finale. The winner will be announced during the grand finale, which will be held on 14 December at the UK's largest auditorium, ICC Auditorium.

How to Vote

The voting for the award started on 20 November and will end one hour after the grand finale show starts.

To vote, one has to download the free Miss World App which is available on iOS and Google Play Store.

Once you download the app, you get an option of "Your Top 3"; select your top three favourite contestants to cast your vote.

This year contestants have been allowed to vote for three contestants and if viewers subscribe to the app, they will get extra set of three votes. A contestant can receive maximum of two votes from an individual.