• Miss World 2014
    Miss World Australia Courtney ThorpeFacebook
  • Miss World India Koyal Rana
    Miss World India Koyal Rana won Miss World Fashion Designer AwardFacebook/MissWorld
  • Miss World 2014
    Miss World South Africa Rolene StraussFacebook
  • Miss World 2014
    Miss World Haiti Carolyn DesertFacebook

The 2014 Miss World beauty pageant has just begun and predictions as to which beauty will win the title have also started.

Miss World is considered to be one of the most awaited beauty pageants, followed by Miss Universe. More than 100 countries participate in the Miss World competition every year.

This year a record 125 contestants from across the world have participated in the beauty pageant, which started on 20 November in London and till now contestants have participated in three challenges.

After the challenges, some of the contestants have emerged as hot favourites of the pageant experts.

Missosology, a beauty pageant site, has listed top 15 hot favourite contestants of the 64th edition of the Miss World beauty pageant. Miss World Australia Courtney Thorpe has grabbed the top spot, followed by Miss World India Koyal Rana at second and Miss World South Africa Rolene Strauss at third.

India's contestant Koyal Rana has won World Fashion Designer Award. She also made it to the top 10 Models list and "Beauty With a Purpose" list.

Here is the list of top 15 favourite contestants.

1. Australia - Courtney Thorpe

2. India – Koyal Rana

3. South Africa - Rolene Strauss

4. Turkey - Amine Gulse

5. Russia - Anastasia Kostenko

6. Dominican Republic - Dhio Moreno Romero

7. Hungary - Edina Kulcsar

8. France - Flora Coquerel

9. Scotland - Ellie Mckeating

10. South Sudan - Awien Kuanyin-Agoth

11. Mexico - Daniela Alvarez Rey

12. Namibia - Brumhilda Ochs

13. Iceland - Tanja Ýr Astþórsdóttir

14. Haiti - Carolyn Desert

15. Mongolia - Battsetseg Turbat