Miranda Kerr
Model Miranda Kerr poses at the 22nd annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Awards in Los Angeles, California October 19, 2015.Reuters

An intruder, who jumped the fence at supermodel Miranda Kerr's Malibu mansion in California on Friday, was shot multiple times by the actress' security guard. The supermodel's security guard was also left injured after he was stabbed multiple times.

On Friday morning, the guard reportedly opened fire when he saw the intruder trying to enter into the mansion. After being stabbed in the eye, the guard shot the intruder multiple times, including in the head.

According to a TMZ report, the security guard and the intruder were airlifted to a hospital and both are expected to survive. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff Office said that the incident happened at 11.10 am, but he declined to confirm that the incident took place at the supermodel's residence.

"The intruder, a male, was confronted by a security guard at the home after coming over a wall on the property," the sheriff's spokesman told People. "Then a fight ensued, and the intruder produced a knife and attempted to slash the security guard in the face."

"The security guard drew a weapon and fired three to four rounds, hitting the suspect in the face and upper torso area," the spokesman said.

The spokesperson further added that on the day of the incident only the guard and the intruder were there on the property. Miranda was not at home at the time. According to the spokesperson, someone from the nearby area heard gunshots and called the police.

"It's kind of a crazy thing to happen out here in Malibu," one neighbour told KTLA. "I guess it happens everywhere but we just don't ever have it happen in our neighbourhood."

The motive of the intruder is still not clear. Also, the spokesperson said that he will be charged, but the details of the charges were not available.