In the latest episode of Fox's "Minority Report" titled "Memento Mori," it seems Dash will get a vision that is related to Vega and will affect her life significantly.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Blake withholds information from the Defense Intelligence Agency when he learns they are on the precogs' trail, and Arthur takes matters into his own hands to save them. Meanwhile, Dash gets a vision of a political assassination that intrudes into Vega's personal life.

TV Guide has mentioned that upon learning the Defense Intelligence Agency is on the trail of the precogs, Blake withholds pertinent information, while Arthur decides to take matters into his own hands to rescue them. Later, Dash envisions a political assassination that has ties to Vega's personal life.

The promo of the episode mentions that Blake has been trying his best to stop DIA from capturing Vega and Dash as he believes that both of them are on a noble trail. Besides, he knows that sooner or later, Vega will turn up to him once she will realise that he means no harm.

Arthur was initially reluctant to be a part of Dash and Vega's team, but after the errands of previous episode, he has understood the seriousness of the situation and is willing to join them.

Meanwhile, Dash has another vision regarding the murder of a politician that also involves Vega. However, he is not sure whether to let Vega know about it or not and is keeping quiet at the moment.

In the previous episode titled "The American Dream," a vision led Dash and Vega to the Southside, where they encountered distrust from the community. Meanwhile, Blake became increasingly more suspicious of Vega and Dash.