In the latest episode of Fox's "Minority Report" titled "The American Dream," it seems that after days of following Vega and Dash, Blake finally knows about their mission and Dash's secret.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, a vision leads Dash and Vega to the Southside, where they encounter distrust from the community. Meanwhile, Blake becomes increasingly more suspicious of Vega and Dash.

According to TV Guide, Vega and Dash are aware that Blake suspects them and knows about their partnership, which will compel them to take extra precaution while he is around.

In the meantime, Dash's vision leads them to the Southside where the town's people are not very happy to see them. Thinking of them as a pair interfering with their peaceful life, they refuse to help them.

In the previous episode titled "Honor Among Thieves," Dash went on a mission to find the murderer of one of Luca Van Zandt's men. When Dash tried to ask for help from his brother, Arthur, he firmly denied him.

While exploring his sketchbook, Dash found an address and decided to visit the place. He was greeted by a woman whom he thought was the victim's wife. However, when he entered inside the house, he was attacked by the woman who knocked him down.

On gaining consciousness, he realised that he had been chained to a chair and Van Zandt was standing in front of him. Zandt revealed to him that he knew that Dash had information regarding the murder and $50 million which he had lost. Zandt also knew about Arthur and that he is Dash's twin brother.

Afterwards, Zandt cut one of Dash's fingers and sent it to Arthur. Arthur visited him and made a deal – he will give Zandt the money he stole if Zandt promises to release Dash without harming him any further.