In the latest episode of Fox's "Minority Report" titled "Honour Among Thieves," it seems Dash is injured and is trying his best to save his life from an unknown kidnapper.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Dash has been taken a hostage while he was investigating a murder. In order to find him, Vega is left with no other option than to team up with Dash's twin brother Arthur.

The promo of the episode mentions that whoever has kidnapped Dash is familiar to him and Arthur and has a particular motive behind the kidnapping. Initially, Arthur is reluctant, but when Vega insisted, he agreed to assist her.

Vega will need Arthur's underworld connections to find Dash. Elsewhere, Dash is seen to be tied up in an unknown place where no one can hear him scream. A knife wielding man whose face is hidden is interrogating him.

The synopsis also hinted that the upcoming episode may explore the events of the precogs' past.

In a recent interview with Sioux City Journal, Stark Sands, who plays the character of Dash, told that originally, he was supposed to play both the roles of Dash and Arthur but the creators changed the idea afterwards.

"It wasn't feasible," Sands said. "I'm so happy the decision was made because it gives me a little break."

Sands said it would have been interesting to play both the characters as he has a twin brother in real life.

"My twin was a football star in high school and I was in theatre," he said. "He got married right out of college and has four kids. My wife and I just had our first. He's like my older brother now," he said.

Whether Vega and Arthur will reach in time to save Dash from the unknown kidnapper or not, will be revealed only in the next episode.