Prime Minister Narendra Modi appealed to the people of India to voluntarily switch off their lights between 9:00 p.m to 9:09 p.m on April 5, 2020. Union Ministry of Power has addressed the apprehensions expressed in this regard that this may cause instability in the grid and fluctuation in voltage, which may harm the electrical appliances. Dispelling these apprehensions, Ministry of Power has said that they are misplaced.

The Ministry has emphasised that Indian electricity grid is robust and stable and adequate arrangements and protocols are in place to handle the variation in demand.

PM modi
PM modi

The Power Ministry further said that following may be noted:

"The appeal of the Prime Minister is to simply switch off the lights in their homes from 9 pm to 9:09 pm on the 5th of April. There is no call to switch off either street lights or appliances like Computers, TVs, Fans, Refrigerators and ACs in the homes. Only lights should be switched off. The lights in Hospitals and all other essential services like Public Utilities, Municipal Services, Offices, Police Stations, Manufacturing Facilities, etc will remain on. The call given by PM is to just switch off lights in residences."

All local bodies have been advised to keep the street lights on for public safety.