Minecraft; with 7 new DLC packs and Ender Dragon update now hitting Apple TV units across the world
Minecraft now entering homes and minds again through Apple TVsMojang

Popular sandbox game Minecraft just refuses to fade away from the memory of players as the title, after receiving The Ender Dragon update last month, is now entering homes of Apple loyalists with Apple TV. A major update here is the fact that The Ender Dragon will also come to the Apple TV with Minecraft.

However, the above is not the only major update that Minecraft brings along with it; the USP of the latest development is the fact that Minecraft can be played on Apple TVs with as many as seven new in-game DLC packs. These DLCs are:

  • Holiday 2015
  • Town Folk
  • City Folk

In addition to the above skin DLC packs, Minecraft games will also get the below mash-up DLCs:

  • Natural
  • Cartoon
  • Plastic
  • Festive

Minecraft, incorporating the above DLC packs, is now live across the world to Apple TV users. The game is available for official open purchase at $20.

However, if you crave for Minecraft on your Apple TVs, be informed that the latest update is not compatible with Xbox Live and the Minecraft Realms. These features would, nonetheless, be seeded in the near future via a newer update. Therefore, you are advised to keep your eyes and ears open for Minecraft-related news.

As far as Minecraft's The Ender Dragon expansion is concerned, gamers will see the height of the world raised to 256 blocks. Even in-game customised 'wings' are offered to players. If you are desirous of purchasing a new Apple TV unit, you can do so at prices starting from $149 that goes up till $200.