"The Mindy Project" is definitely one of the funniest shows on television right now, but since their tenure on Hulu, it looks like the show runners have grown a social conscience as well. Starting Season 4, fans saw Mindy (Mindy Kaling) struggling with her role as a mother and as a career woman, addressing one of the major issues staring the new generation women in the face.

In Season 4, Mindy gave birth to little Leo Castellano, following which Danny (Chris Messina) has been more overbearing than usual. Mindy was seen struggling with two jobs -- one of which is a fertility clinic that she runs – and taking care of her baby while Danny was away taking care of his sick father.

It is clear that the couple is on different pages when it comes to their future together. Danny had hoped that Mindy would stop working to raise their child and any future children they have. In fact, Danny even tried to get Mindy pregnant without her knowledge, while Mindy tried to take birth control pills to keep from being pregnant.

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In the previously aired "When Mindy Met Danny" the gynecologists tried to keep their differences aside to celebrate the holidays, but when Mindy sees an old picture of the two of them together she reflects on the day they met. They had quite a few issues with each other, especially because Danny thought that Mindy was an incompetent doctor.

However, when she proves him wrong, Danny advices her to not give up on the things she love no matter what anyone else says – even him. It looks like Mindy has taken Danny's advice, and is seen going over to her apartment and taking off the "to sell" board.

She does return to the apartment she shares with Danny and snuggles into him. It remains to be seen if Danny will see her point or if she will have to take drastic measures to do what she loves.

Fans are devastated about this break, but rest assured "The Mindy Project" will return with the second half of the season, hopefully towards the end of January – our bet is on Tuesday, 26 January. According to the schedule, Hulu has asked for 16 episodes this season, a few episodes more than any of the previous seasons.

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