"The Bachelor" season 20 began with a bang on Monday, 11 January. This year, 28 ladies (21, after season 20 episode 1 eliminations) will vie for the heart of Ben Higgins, who was placed third on Season 11 of "The Bachelorette".

In the previously aired premiere episode of season 20, we saw Olivia impressing Ben the most, having even received the impression rose from him. Will the former anchor's luck continue in episode 2? We will have to find out, but it is certain that she will need more than luck and just charm to win that final rose this season.

In the upcoming episode, the ladies will have to complete a set of tasks in a classroom, while Ben watches and assesses. They were divided into teams and asked to pick red apples from a fish tank (clean and not filled with fish), pass it to their teammates and put it on lunch trays without using their hands.

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All the girls seemed to be doing well, except for Jackie, who had come to "The Bachelorette" with a date card with her and Ben's names on it, and a future date set for 14 March, 2016. While she was struggling to get the red apple out of the tank, Ben stepped closer to see what exactly she was doing.

"I am just bobbing for this apple and all I can see is Ben staring at me... And it's just like, You're so adorable and I think I may have gotten a little distracted," Jackie told the cameras later. While Ben seemed to have found her troubles endearing, the fellow contestants seem to think that Jackie has too small of a mouth and that "Jackie is not great with her mouth, unfortunately", and it's little difficult to see past the innuendo.

Meanwhile, anyone who saw Good Morning America on Monday mornings knows that Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, the stars of "Ride Along 2", will be appearing on "The Bachelor" on 11 January to give romance advice to Ben in Episode 2.

Watch out for season 20 episode 2 of "The Bachelor" at 8 pm (EST) on ABC. You can also live stream "Weeks 2" via ABC Go!