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Remember your mother running after you to convince you that milk is good for health and you should quickly gulp down one glass of it? She was not wrong, it is known for its numerous health benefits in people of all age groups.

However, the problem of adulteration of food products has increased the risk of serious health issues -- milk and dairy products are no exception.

As cattle are fed with many steroids and hormonal injections to boost the milk production, it affects the humans drinking the milk as well.

Dr Arvind Vaid, Chief Infertility & IVF Specialist, Indira IVF Hospital, New Delhi told Hindustan Times: "The injected oxytocin reaches the human body through consumption of milk or any other dairy product causing several side effects on all."

He added: "This is one of the reasons for the early onset of puberty among girls, development of breast in male and lack of testosterone production due to hormonal imbalance."

Just like cattle, oxytocin affects humans as well. If the injected oxytocin reaches the human body by consuming adulterated milk or any other dairy product, it can cause several side effects and can be dangerous for pregnant women.

Vaid said: "Milk adulterated with oxytocin should be avoided by pregnant women as it may lead to abortion and babies may be born with deformities. It increases the risk of haemorrhage in mothers after birth and can also inhibit breastfeeding." Vaid cautioned. However, boiling milk can help eliminate traces of oxytocin.

Moreover, packed milk (especially in plastics) can be bad for health. As plastic contains BPA (endocrine disruptor) and it is directly linked to fertility issues both in male and female.

Since milk is known to be a really healthy product, we tend to overlook that the adulterated milk we get can cause serious health issues. A little caution can help save us from several health and fertility issues.