Hollow Earth
Hollow EarthWikimedia Commons

If you thought the "flat Earth" theory was bizarre, get ready for something weirder. There is reportedly a growing community of people convinced that Earth is hollow, and a race of superior "alien" humans, Vikings and Nazis live at the centre!

According to them, the core of the Earth is the paradise that resembles the Garden of Eden.

The conspiracy theorists even believe UFOs are being sent from the same place by the "guardians of the planet" to spy on the human race and stop a potential nuclear war, the Daily Mail reported.

Author Rodney Cluff, who is spearheading the movement, claims there are thousands of followers of this theory. "More and more people are coming to terms with the fact that the Earth is hollow. I get emails from people learning about it every day," Cluff said.

Cluff told the Sun: "I don't know how the flat-Earthers can be so confused. They are obviously wrong. The world is not flat – it's hollow. This ancient map shows a supposed entrance to the hollow Earth." He added: "They regularly spy on us using spacecraft and flying saucers."

The "hollow-Earthers" also believe there is a portal in the poles and one in the Himalayas leading to the place that is home to theimmortal escaped Nazis from World War II and the lost Viking colonies.

Cluff also said: "They want to keep an eye on us and stop us from starting a nuclear war. The majority of UFOs actually come from inside our planet."

Cluff is so confident in his theory that he arranged a voyage to the hollow Earth in 2007 to find an "opening" in the North Pole. However, the £15,000-per-head expedition ended up being cancelled.

Cluff strongly believes there is an inner paradise with its own solar system. The theorists also believe the same thing for the moon and other planets.

This is not the first time that someone has come up with the theory of hollow Earth. In 1811, a Norwegian sailor named Olaf Jansen claimed something similar, saying he had sailed through an entrance to the core of Earth at the North Pole.

Jansen told author Willis George Emerson: "The city of 'Eden' is located in what seems to be a beautiful valley, yet; in fact, it is on the loftiest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent."

These theories, however, have all been completely rubbished by modern science.