It was 25 years back that Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre made the nation go into a tizzy with their bold ad shoot. The Tuff shoe advertisement was not only bold and unconventional for those times but also brought in a new change in the way people started viewing models. Milind Soman and Madhu Sapre were prolific names in the industry when the brand approached them for the daring advertisement.

At the time, the two were said to be in a relationship. For the ad, Madhu and Milind went nude and caressed each other, while a python was wrapped around them. The only accessory they were seen wearing was the Tuff shoes. Sharing the picture, Milind has now said, "Keep seeing this pop up on my timelines every once in a while :) its 25 years old, at that time no social media no internet either I think ! wonder what the reaction would have been if it had been released today."

Milind Soman, Madhu Sapre
Milind Soman, Madhu Sapre

Celebs going gaga

And ever since then, the internet has not been able to contain its excitement. Internet has been flooded with people sharing what they felt about the photo back and what they feel about it now. Celebs like VJ Anusha, Atul Kasbekar and many others have also taken to social media to express their fondness over how the ad challenged every notion and broke free.

Internet loses it

'Every one will come to know why Damini was so much into you. DOCTOR', 'This picture was probably the first time I heard of fashion and fashion models in India', 'I got to know that someone like you existed only coz of this pic. You were the buzz then in every newspaper and was that Gladrags or mens gq, don't exactly remember. But honestly if I have to compare this with your pics of lockdown with grey hair and that jawline,I think the real one to fall for will be the latter', 'I was way young that time and heard your name for the first time for this picture. Guttttsss !!!!!' have been some of the reactions the picture has generated so far.

Madhu Sapre's reaction

"I think I was shocked in the sense, I found it very funny because.. I didn't expect it from the film industry because the film is such a field or career where.. nowadays you see movies, unless and until you don't expose and if you don't have a sexy image, you are nowhere. I have not killed anybody, I have not robbed anybody, I don't know what they are talking about," Madhu has said about the ad.