Miley Cyrus' Tame X-Factor Performance Fails To Impress: Singer Criticized For Weak Vocals While Niall Horan Comes To Her Rescue
Miley Cyrus' Tame X-Factor Performance Fails To Impress: Singer Criticized For Weak Vocals While Niall Horan Comes To Her RescueREUTERS

Fans were left disappointed with Miley Cyrus' tame "X Factor" performance on Monday night and the singer was heavily criticised not just for her awkward dressing, but also for her weak vocals. 

What's a Cyrus performance without a revealing outfit, a little "twerking" and some controversial act, like maybe a foam finger or a joint! All this was absent from the singer's recent performance at the X Factor's results episode, leaving fans missing their favourite star's signature notorious antics.

Cyrus had reportedly been warned by the show's officials to leave her "raunchy acts" at home and put up a timid performance for the family talent show. According to a Hollywood Life report, the officials even threatened to cut off her performance or mute her microphone if she did or said anything unacceptable or inappropriate for the show's audiences.

Abiding by the rule (which she hardly does), Cyrus put up a very tame performance on the show. But like they say, controversies follow the singer wherever she goes. This time round, Cyrus refused to pre-record her vocals for her performance. While she did score on courage to sing Live, her vocals were not up to the mark, leading to a flood of criticism.

What made matters worse was that Cyrus failed to impress with her voice on a show that's all about singing and the X-Factor. And for this performance Cyrus was missing both! Her otherwise revealing outfits was replaced by a slinky gold gown and a turban. The songstress performed to her latest single "Wrecking Ball."

Twitter was also flooded with comments regarding her performance.

"Why is Miley Cyrus crying on a mountain?" a user tweeted

"Miley Cyrus literally sounds like a goat," said another.

"No one should ever let Miley Cyrus sing live again," read one comment.

"I think even I could sing Wrecking Ball better than Miley Cyrus just did," another viewer tweeted.

Amidst all this, a member from British boy band "One Direction" came to the former Disney star's rescue. Surprisingly it wasn't Harry Styles, who has reportedly been flirting with Cyrus, but co-member Niall Horan.

Horan took to his Twitter account late last night to defend the singer saying her performance was great.

"Sick! @MileyCyrus was incredible tonight, what a voice," he wrote.

Cyrus seems to be bonding well with the whole One Direction team. Who knows, you might hear of a collaboration real soon!

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