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Director Haneef Adeni's Malayalam movie Mikhael starring Nivin Pauly, Manjima Mohan and Unni Mukundan has received positive review and rating from the audience.

Mikhael is an action thriller with a good dose of other commercial elements to woo the family audience. Besides direction, Haneef Adeni has written the script and dialogues for the movie, which has been produced by Anto Joseph Film Company. The film has received a U/A certificate from the censor board and its runtime is 2.30 hours.

Mikhael movie story: The film evolves between two families. Mike (Nivin Pauly) is a doctor, who is a guardian angel in the mortal man's world. He set out for revenge against someone, who has done injustice his family. How protects his beloved sister from a family feud forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Mikhael deals with routine revenge drama, but Haneef Adeni has made it look fresh with amazing twists and turns, which keep you hooked on to your seats. The movie is engaging and entertaining, but it is predictable and dragging in parts, say the filmgoers.

Performances: Nivin Pauly has delivered an electrifying performance, which is the highlight of Mikhael. Unni Mukundan, JD Chakravarthy and Manjima Mohan have done good jobs, which are also among the attractions of the movie. Sudev Nair, Babu Antony, Siddique, Suraj Venjaramood and Kalabhavan Shajon have done justice to their respective roles, say the audience.

Technical: Mikhael has rich production values and Vishnu Panicker's beautiful picturisation, Gopi Sundar's stunning background score, amazing choreography of action scenes and dialogues are the attraction on the technical front, add the viewers.

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Muhammad Adhil‏ @urstrulyadhil

#Mikhael is a strictly avg fare which lacks a solid plot and a solid hero. Adeni who managed to deliver two decent outings before (one as a writer) wasn't able to pull of things properly this time.Couple of mass scenes in the second half are the only portions where he cud shine. Haneef Adeni kind of filmmakers need a strong subject at the centre or a star who can elevate his mediocre writing style.While #TGF worked on this, Abraham was saved by the hero and the director. With none of these working with #Mikhael he struggled to a bix extent.

Nithin Peetambaran‏ @withinnithin

#Mikhael stylish mass film with a good plot. @NivinOfficial character buildup, perf & style on top notch @Iamunnimukundan style & perf on top notch Brilliant casting esp Siddique, kid who played Jenni, J D Chakravarthy #GopiSunder mass bgm @haneef_adeni Direction

Ajmal Kabeer‏ @ajmalkabeer_

#Mikhael Yet again proves! @haneef_adeni 'Stylish Movie Making' Stylish Movie With Mass Dialogues & Stunts Mikhael & Marco Junior BGM Suraj & Siddique Felt like 2nd half > 1st half .Some part vfx @NivinOfficial @Iamunnimukundan Watchable Flick

Snehasallapam‏ @SSTweeps

#Mikhael FirstHalf: A good first half from @NivinOfficial - Haneef Adeni team. Haneef's stylish making, DOP & BGM 2nd half is progressing, stay tuned for complete #MikhaelReview.

VigneshShiva‏ @VigneshShiva77

#Mikhael First half:: clean and decent .create a hype of unni mukundan entry

Forum Keralam (FK)‏ @Forumkeralam1

#Mikhael Interval : Has been an average show so far with a not so interesting story.But with a lot of build up in the beginning and intriguing characters, there is a lot of potential to the second half Fingers Crossed


#Mikhael : First Half : Good Watchable | Filled With Family Sentiments | Disappointed Guest Role From #BabuAntony | #UnniMukundan Only in 1-2 Scenes | Excellent Performance From #Sidhique | Rich Visuals #Waiting For A Powerful 2nd Half #SK #SKreviews #NivinPauly

KeralaBoxofficeStats‏ @kboxstats

#Mikhael Routine Cliche Plot, with a decent execution from #HaneefAdeni #NivinPauly excels in emotional scenes , however he has to work on mass sequences. Dialogue delivery#Unnimukundan BGM Too slow.Overall strictly one time watchable thriller. 2.5/5 AVERAGE

Varun 221‏ @Varun_505

#Mikhael - Decent first half ; second half will decide movie verdict #Mikhael - Might be difficult for movie to sustain from monday

TCR INOX Updates‏ @inox_tcr

#Mikhael Interval So Far So Good Background Score Watched #Mikhael @ Inox Status - 35% Had an Above Average Story But #Nivin's Mass Avatar, Background Score and Excellent Performance from entire Supporting Cast makes it worth for money. Rating - 3/5

BOOM Cinemaz‏ @BOOMCinemaz

#Mikhael First Half First half filled with emotional scenes and Flash backs Waiting for Nivin Fight scenes and Transformation

Friday Matinee‏ @VRFridayMatinee

#Mikhael 1st half : Fine first half with good making from @haneef_adeni .#Siddique is the standout.Technical Side is top notch as well as Gopi Sundar's Background score

Cinemabits‏ @Cinemabits1

#Mikhael Nivin Hanif Unni ... First half above avg Second half ... mindblowing Action .... malayalm gilms proud momment..... Super action #Mikhael #NivinPauly #mukhundhan 1st HALF . ABOVRE AVG Family audiance EMOTIONl scns NIVIN AGAIN ROCKS❤ HANIF SUPER MAKING CAMERA & BGM TOP NOTCH 2NDHALF BLOW YOUR MIND SUPER CLAMAX BLOOD PUMPING ACTION BY UNNI & NIVIN NIVIN ROCKS IN ACTION AS NEVER SEENBEFORE

Malayalam BoxOffice‏ @malyalammovieBO

#Mikhael Abv Avg 1st half Slow and story only picking up near the interval Hope just like #TheGreatFather has a very good 2nd half Technically top notch

Perera‏ @HelloMrPerera

#Mikhael another flop for @NivinOfficial . Lagging and dragging in most parts . Old story , same approach, same shots . Hey ,we have seen many films like this . And dear Haneef Adeni , please stop copying dialogues from Hollywood films

Nivin Pauly Fans™‏ @nivin_fans_knr

#Mikhael interval its a energetic engaging one with the beautiful way of @haneef_adeni story telling. Much more anticipation for 2nd half #Sideque ikka @NivinOfficial @mohan_manjima super comeback @IamAntoJoseph

Film Trackers‏ @FilmTrackers

Watched Mikhael an average outing from Haneef Adeni - Nivin Pauly team .Story and making not up to the mark Fights and BGM Unni Mukundan ✌overall an average flick ☝2.5 out of 5 #mikhaelreview #mikhael #NivinPauly #UnniMukundan #HaneefAdeni

MollywoodBoxOffice‏ @MollywoodBo1

#Mikhael - A Strictly Average Flick Some good scenes with the following scenes letting down.. Felt there is continuity issues in many scenes..

SecondShow Media ™‏ @2ndShowMedia

#Mikhael is a failure attempt from #Haneef & Nivin. A Cliche revenge thriller with poor performance from cast. Nivin failed terribly in action scenes & dialogue delivery. He can't even walk stylish in Gopi sunder's stylish BGM. Unni is just ok as villain. Rating: 2/5