Michael Louis Golic Sr. or Mike Golic as he is famously known is every American dad's best friend. Right from keeping American dads company for their morning work commute to buzzing in the ears of people during their morning workouts; Golic has been a legend.

A former co-host of ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike and Golic and Wingo, Mike was a former National Football League defensive lineman. As news of his last show broke, it broke one too many hearts and suddenly every American home felt dusty and many caught allergies — one excuse to hide their tears.

Mike Golic is a legend America is used to for over 22 years. Listeners have a deep bond and memories associated with his voice and the show, bidding goodbye wasn't easy.

The other Mike farewell for partner

Mike Greenberg, the co-host of Mike & Mike had a deeply touching tribute lined up for his longtime partner Mike Golic.

"In the earliest days of our partnership, I saw up close and personal what it looks like when you put your family first," Greenberg said.

Mike Golic signing off.
Mike Golic signing off.IBT

"Every parent I know says their kids are their first priority, but not all of them live that way. Mike does. He lived that way every single day." Greenberg said that Golic paved the way for other former athletes to thrive in the radio format.

"He didn't just open a door for others, he built one. There was no door before he came along. So, Mike Golic changed the game for the hundreds of athletes who have followed in his footsteps, as well as the millions of sports fans who have enjoyed his company all these years," Greenberg added.

Unceremonious exit of a star

You'd think that after such a stellar career, ESPN would offer a graceful exit to America's star, but here's how Golic found out about his show ending.

"Unfortunately, the tough time this time around is I basically heard it was ending through the media. Which, to me, isn't the best way to find something out. I don't think that's the right way. But they didn't ask me, so what I thought was the right way, it's business. At the end of the day, it's business. I've always said this about football and it's true in anything, you've got to be careful at taking things too personally," Golic was quoted saying.

How teary-eyed fans responded

"From Mike and Mike to Golic And Wingo, I've grown up with Golic being apart of my life almost every day. Thank you for all the mornings you've helped me prepare to take on my day by putting in the work to prepare for yours. I'm gonna miss you buddy," tweeted Han Solo.

"I'm certain I tweeted this when Mike and Mike has its last show, was one of the strangest moments as a sports fan. One of my earliest memories of sports would be listening to Mike and Mike with my dad when he would bring us to school, he listened to it every single morning On the way to work," worte Zack.

"Mike, thank you so much for all the years of entertainment. Throughout my career arch I used to listen to Mike and Mike coming home from work, then got me a real job and listened on the ride in. Hats off to an amazing career in radio," David Jeffas wrote.

"I drove my son to high school during the Mike and Mike years. It was often quiet (because my son would still be half asleep or bummed about something). But he always smiled hearing Golic get worked up about quarterbacks, donuts, etc. The big guy sure brightened a lot of mornings," Robert Parr.

"I grew up listening to Mike, in the morning on Mike and Mike. I woke up early a lot, to watch and listen with my father. That show is why I became so in love with sports broadcasting. Thank you Mike Golic for an incredible run. As a fan, you've inspired me. Gonna miss you," Adam Rossen wrote.

"Breaking up Mike and Mike is a textbook case of a sum being greater than its parts. GetUp is uncreative and repetitive. It seems like its programmed by demographics. I liked Trey Wingo, but I guess I was the exception," John Cook.

The teary farewell