Migratory birds including Flamingos are reaching in large numbers at Point Calimere Bird and Wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu's Kodiyakarai. Several tourists, including school children and people from far and wide, are reaching the sanctuary to have a glimpse of the migratory birds that are flocking in.

Ayub Khan, forest ranger of Vedaranyam while speaking to the mediapersons said, "The breeding season has commenced and there are more migratory birds in and around the sanctuary, and expects more in the coming days." He said that unseasonal rain has given the migratory birds splashing in waters.

Sunetra Iyer, a teacher at a school in Tiruchi after reaching the sanctuary while speaking to IANS said, "There is nothing short of a visual treat and it's a beautiful sight. We have come here with the family and have already told my school authorities to bring in children so that they get a good memory."

Migratory birds
Migratory birdsIANS

Flamingoes have arrived in large numbers as also spot-billed pelicans, curlew sandpipers, black-winged stilts, lesser sand plovers, common redshanks, little stints, gull-billed terns, brown-headed hulls, and Great knots.

Ayub Khan said that the forest department and authorities are providing maximum support to the people who are reaching the Point Calmirie wildlife sanctuary. A large number of birdwatchers from across South India are reaching the place to have a glimpse of the migratory birds.

Point Calimere bird sanctuary
Point Calimere bird sanctuaryen.wikipedia.org

Sunil Khan, a birdwatcher from Kerala while speaking to IANS said, "Every year during this time, I come here to watch a variety of birds that have reached here crossing several miles from across continents. We could find Great knots here which is an endangered species and is the most attractive of the migratory birds that have reached here. As a bird watcher, I have been tracking this bird for years."

He adds, "The breeding habitat of this bird is Tundra, northeast Siberia, and is on the advisory list of threatened vertebrate fauna in Victoria and is listed as endangered."

The forest officials at the Wildlife and bird sanctuary at Point Calimere are expecting more migratory birds in the days to come and a huge tourist influx.

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