Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specs Roundup: More Details Emerge Ahead Of Summer Release
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date: New Details Emerge As Launch NearsMicrosoft

Microsoft will be placing a huge bet against Apple's iPad Pro and the new MacBook with its upcoming Surface Pro 4 tablet. There have been several rumours about the unannounced two-in-one tablet over the past several months, but the much-awaited launch is finally nearing.

Going by the words circulating in the tech world, the Surface Pro 4 will make its grand debut in July alongside Microsoft's most-advanced OS, Windows 10. Fans will have more than just a tablet to look forward for this year.

Nothing is concrete, but speculations about the tablet's release are strong. With the new high-end tablet, Microsoft stands a good chance to steal some limelight from Apple's iPad Pro and the new MacBook. If rumours are true, the software titan is going with two variants for the Surface Pro 4, each with different screen sizes and prices to meet everyone's budget.

Earlier this week, a report from VC Post revived interest in the upcoming device, according to which the Surface Pro 4 will beat Apple's both high-end iPad Pro and MacBook. The Surface Pro 4 is said to outperform Apple's tablets and laptops with high-end specs and configurations. As previous report has hinted, both variants of Surface Pro 4 will sport 2K resolution screen at 2,160x1,440 pixels, which is also confirmed by VC Post.

Based on the rumours so far, one of the Surface Pro 4 will have a 12-inch display and the high-end model will sport larger 14-inch screen. The latter will be powered by Intel's i5 and i7 processors offering memory space up to 1TB. The smaller variant is said to feature Broadwell processor in favour of Haswell to boost performance. Reports have also shown that the Surface Pro 4 will come with a stylus pen and matching keyboards.

Most notably, the Surface Pro 4 will be the first device to run on Windows 10 OS, which will be a great USP for the tablet. With the new OS, Microsoft is looking to bridge PCs and mobile operating systems together.

Microsoft is yet to confirm the existence of Surface Pro 4 but more details are likely to emerge in July this year. Based on expert analysis, the high-end tablet is expected to cost between $1,200 and $2,000.