Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Specs Roundup: More Details Emerge Ahead Of Summer Release
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Release Date: New Details Emerge As Launch NearsMicrosoft

Microsoft has clearly reignited the love for tablets with the latest Surface Pro 3 in the market where phablets are largely replacing tablets. In its continued efforts to reclaim the importance of tablets, Microsoft is planning to launch a successor for its Surface Pro 3.

The rumoured Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is expected to launch alongside Windows 10 OS consumer version by mid-2015, Gospel Herald reported.

Ever since Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 3 in June, the tablet has brought $400 million in revenue to the company. The Surface Pro 3's features and design were attractive and buyers found the tablet worth the cost.

While the current Surface model remains fresh in the market, Microsoft's move to add a new tablet to its Surface line comes as a dynamic method to attract consumers.

The expansion to the Surface line of tablets follows reports of alleged discontinuation of the entire lineup months ago. But given the current trend, it appears the Redmond software giant has no plans on shutting down its lucrative tablet lineup.

Microsoft hinted at this in a subtle way on its official Surface blog in October.

"We are pleased to share that the following Surface Pro 3 accessories are designed with our product roadmap to be compatible with the next generation of the Pro line Surface," Surface lineup general manager Brian Hall wrote.

Outlining the specifications of the unannouncedSurface tablet, Master Herald reports that the Surface Pro 4 is referred to as "laplet", a term used for a device that combines the functions of a laptop and a tablet. This is a result of the popularity of attachable keyboards used with the Surface Pro series.

The tablet's screen size will beat the current Surface Pro 3's 12-inch display. The Surface Pro 4 is expected to measure 13 to 14 inches with Windows 10 OS on it. The launch will be accompanied by a mini version, which is expected to measure about 8 inches, the publication added. The two new tablets will be the first ones to run Windows 10 OS, which will be the beginning of a single platform for all devices including PCs, phones, tablets and Xbox One.