Microsoft Lumia McLaren Release Date; New Flagship Set For September 2015 Debut: Report
Microsoft Has No Plans To Release Lumia McLaren Flagship During MWC 2015: ReportMicrosoft

Microsoft Lumia McLaren rumours and reports may have fallen off the grid but that doesn't mean the company isn't working on the project.

The latest set of images leaked on a Chinese website, CN Beta, confirms the existence of the Lumia 1020 successor. The gallery shows images of prototype version of Lumia McLaren in close comparison with the widely-successful Apple iPhone 6.

Besides the unique outlook, some specification details of the unannounced handset were also revealed in the leak. The leaked images add to the string of rumours built around Microsoft's next flagship device.

Previously, the McLaren smartphone was spotted with LED flash instead of Xenon, with a similar camera module as in the current Lumia 1020 smartphone. Based on the latest leaked images, the Lumia McLaren is expected to feature a 5-inch full HD clear black IPS display, slightly bigger than the iPhone 6 in pictures, the Chinese report adds.

There are other details that were shown in the leaked gallery, including a Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, microSD expansion and the latest Windows 8.1 version. The large camera module on the rear confirms a 41MP PureView sensor. It is possible that Microsoft will enhance the camera to add more pixels up to 50-megapixels among other improvements.

Like all other Lumia models, the McLaren will sport virtual soft keys. There is also a dedicated camera button on the side to access the camera instantly. Microsoft will obviously pack support for 4G LTE in the smartphone, as the option is listed in one of the leaked images.

There is no concrete evidence to support the device's launch, but reports are indicating Microsoft will launch the Lumia McLaren smartphone during the Mobile World Congress in March, 2015.