Microsoft Lumia McLaren Release Date; New Flagship Set For September 2015 Debut: Report
Microsoft Has No Plans To Release Lumia McLaren Flagship During MWC 2015: ReportMicrosoft

Microsoft is building on its strengths to gain a strong foothold in the competitive smartphone market. The next Lumia is going to be a highly-advanced camera phone with upgraded features compared to the Lumia 1020. The unannounced Lumia 1030 aka McLaren is reportedly under works and a series of leaks and rumors hint at the phone's extensive camera capabilities. Latest word is that the Lumia McLaren is likely to feature a 50-megapixel rear facing camera with 4th-gen short-pulse LED flash, Phone Arena reported.

This improvement will put the Lumia 1030 ahead of its predecessor, which carried a camera with 41 megapixels. While the high megapixel count does not guarantee a great picture, Microsoft will give additional features for quality photographs. If the Lumia 1020 camera is any indication, the camera in the next flagship device will not disappoint its fans.

There have been several leaks for the Lumia 1030 and the latest one showed a prototype image of the McLaren. The image shows the rear view of a handset with an aluminium body with text engraved as ""Property of Microsoft Mobile" and "Not for Sale".

Previous claims suggest that the Lumia 1030 will sport Kinect-like gesture input-technology and 3D Touch interface but the reports have not sustained. The device was also listed on a Chinese site, according to Geeks On Gadgets, with the name "Nokia RM-1052." Other specifications of the McLaren phone include a 5-inch Full HD display, Windows Phone 8.1, 32GB storage, a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM.

Details on the Lumia 1030's availability are in flux but it is widely reported that the device will be launched during the Mobile World Congress in March, 2015.