Just a week ahead of the launch of the much-anticipated Windows 10 operation system, Microsoft has unveiled its latest edition of Visual Studio with an array of new features. Visual Studio is a Microsoft developer suite for helping developers create easy softwares, projects and web portals.

The latest Visual Studio 2015 features support for C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, F#, ython, JavaScript and PowerShell. Though Visual Studio 2015 supports Android SDK and Xamarin libraries, offers app development for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, surprisingly it doesn't come with Windows 10 Universal App Platform. Hence, Visual Studio 2015 won't support HoloLens and XBOX as of now.

Visual Studio 2015 comes with open source based Roslyn compiler framework for C# and Visual Basic to apply more complex rules in your code. Microsoft has also modified the language versions for the suite, hence, the latest C# has a version number of 6, while the F# version number is 4. The latest Visual C++ also supports C++ 11 and C++ 14.

It also allows you to develop Android apps through C++ and Java using Android SDK tool kit, and through C# and .Net by using Xamarin. You can also develop Apple Watch and iOS apps by using C# or .Net and Xamarin Library.

According to ArsTechnica, Xamarin needs an authentic licence. The .Net framework has also been improved a lot. With a new version number of 4.6, the latest .Net packs an in-time compiler for 64-bit platforms and new compiler for universal apps.

With an installation space requirement of around 26GB, Visual Studio 2015 is available in Professional and Enterprise edition. Visual Studio 2015 Professional and Enterprise are available for $5,999 and $13,299, respectively. Visual Studio 2013 users can upgrade to the latest by paying $2,569 and $4,249.