When Satya Nadella was appointed CEO of Microsoft in 2014, he decided to change the way the company built and carried out software testing — which has backfired now, according to Petri.

This is not the only change under Nadella, as the company has taken a cloud-first position, laid off thousands of people and consolidated business units, reported Petri.

Under Nadella's leadership, the company has also introduced the system of one-to-one relationship between developers and testers.

This means, to help improve speeds, the management has introduced the idea that developers would be responsible for their code. Microsoft's laying off of a significant portion of the workforce has featured a lion's share from the testing side of development, reported Business Insider.

Holding developers accountable for their code did not seem like a bad idea. But the transition happened very fast, reported Petri. The report goes on to explain how the first update to Windows 10, released earlier this month, was filled with bugs that should not have been present but were there due to the new system, reported Business Insider.

The new change comes as a shock to developers who have spent years working on developing new code. Managing time between coding and testing reduces standards of quality-control in testing. It disrupts the traditional development cycle, as suggested by some people who did not wish to be named, Petri reported.

The current Microsoft CEO is nevertheless considered to be a breath of fresh air by employees in comparison to ex-CEO Steve Ballmer, who had a reputation of being loud.