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Fans all over the world are observing the sixth death anniversary of Michael Jackson, the cult-maker and the king of pop music, on Thursday, 25 June.

Even after six years, fans still consider him as the pop king, who is still living in the minds of millions of people through his popular songs and performances.

Jackson, who became a popular face at the age of seven in 1971 with his performance with The Jackson Brothers, had an eventful 43-year-old career in the industry.

He had created a cult that gave the pop world some of the best music, dance movements and memorable stage performances. He has left behind a lot to the industry, but what still remains in the mind of his fans are his signature moon-walk, stage performances and music videos.


Fans still remember the legend for his signature moon-walk step, which was debuted in 1983. Though Jackson was not the first one to perform it, the epic move was popularised by the King of  Pop.

Music Videos

After MTV rejected to play his music, allegedly due to his Afro-American origin, the "Dangerous" singer came up with visually effective music videos, leaving no option left for the channel to partner with the pop singer for a long time. He is also considered as the king of music videos, who brought the trend to the industry. His popular music videos include "Just Beat it", "Leave Me Alone" and "Scream" among many others.

Stage Performances

His famous stage shows include his "Black or White" at Munich 1997, "Billie Jean", and "Smooth Criminal", among others.

However, apart from being loved by millions, his life also saw many ups and downs, which made him the king of controversies too. From changing his appearance to alleged child abuse case, he was always in the news for one or the other.

Jackson breathed his last following a cardiac arrest induced by propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication at his rented mansion in Los Angeles.

Check out 6-minute tribute to MJ below: