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It wouldn't be wrong to say that Mia Khalifa is among the most searched personalities in the world after Sunny Leone. She might have been in the adult film industry for only three months, but her popularity had skyrocketed after she her videos went viral on various porn sites. She soon become the top name in the adult industry but it will come as a shock to her fans to know that the former porn star-turned-sports commentator had earned a total of around $12,000 (Rs 8.75 lakh approximately) while working in the industry.

"I made a total of around $12,000 in the industry and never saw a penny again after that," Mia said in her recent interview with American author Megan Abbott alleging that the porn industry "trap women legally in to contracts when they're vulnerable."

Mia revealed that she had shot for her first ever porn video in October 2014 and thought that no one would find out. But soon, she shot to the number one position as a performer on Pornhub.

"I definitely have not come to terms with my past yet. I might put on a facade, because I fake it until I make it. My friends from home started to find out because somebody found the first scene and they sent it to everybody. I was already about to film the one with the hijab that basically went viral and global. It was going to happen that week, so I was like, well, you know, I can't back out. So, I guess, this next one, people are starting to find out. After that one came out the following week, it was beyond repair," Mia Khalifa said.

Out of many, Mia Khalifa's most controversial video had saw her perform wearing a hijab which had eventually led to death threats from ISIS.

"Instantly that it was posted, it was like wildfire. ISIS sent me death threats, they sent me a Google Maps image of my apartment. I stayed in a hotel for two weeks after that because fear really set in. They Photoshopped a picture of me on a beheaded body holding my head that was Photoshopped on there saying 'You'll be next'."

Being a porn star not just gave Mia the popularity in the world but her fame also came with a cost. Even after quitting the industry, Mia still receives a lot of nasty messages on social media. But the former porn star remains unperturbed with negative reactions.

"Acceptance and pride in my past. Neither of those things have come to me yet. I am still working on the acceptance, but I am definitely not proud of it. I immediately wanted to make them feel small as they did to me. I could have handled it in a better manner," she said.

Mia Khalifa engaged
Mia Khalifa engaged to Robert Sandberg.Instagram

In March, Mia got engaged to her long-time boyfriend chef Robert Sandberg. Sandberg proposed to her in Chicago. Sandberg reportedly hid a ring in a bowl of dried ingredients and the Lebanese-American star almost ate the ring but he was on ground to warn her, and he proposed to her on the spot. She said yes.