Mi Mix now subjected to drop tests: Has Xiaomi given a resistive smartphone?
Mi Mix now subjected to drop tests: Has Xiaomi given a resistive smartphone?Hugo Barra via Twitter

After Xiaomi's recent bezel-less smartphone, the Mi Mix was subjected to reliable tester JerryRig's durability and scratch-tests; the phone came out as a winner in these tests; it is now the turn of the handset to undergo drop tests. Will the bezel-less Mi Mix at least survive JerryRig's latest drop test is the thousand dollar question at this point in time.

Check out below and find out how the Xiaomi Mi Mix performed in JerryRig's drop tests (YouTube video embedded at the end):

Firstly, JerryRig takes a fully-working Xiaomi Mi Mix handset as the host. Other competing phone susch as the Google Pixel and the Apple iPhone 7 are also considered as reference objects in the drop tests.

The actual drop

Now, the actual drop test begins, JerryRig drops the Xiaomi Mi Mix bezel-less phone from a height of 6 inches (15 cms). The ceramic rear of the phone is the part that hits the ground.

After the handset is dropped, there are no visible scratches/marks on the ceramic rear end. The front also remains intact.

Drop from a greater height

After the above test, the Xiaomi Mi Mix is dropped form a height of 1 feet (30 cms). Now, the phone falls on the ceramic and somersaults (after it hits the concrete ground) to land on the front. Like before, no scratches/marks are observed.

The layman test scenario

After the above tests, JerryRig turns a layman and drops the phone while sitting on a bench. Here, the height of the drop is 2 feet (60 cms). This scenario is very common as people tend to drop their devices absent-mindedly while getting up from a sitting posture.

Upon being dropped, the Mi Mix lands on its face after the top corner hits the ground. After this test, the ceramic coating gets chipped off in a small way, along with two big cracks being formed on the screen. Nonetheless, the Xiaomi Mi Mix is still working; without an attractive corner area that is.


JerryRig's durability tests conducted on the Xiaomi Mi Mix indicate that the phone's outer part and the screen could get permanently disfigured even after a fall from 2 feet which does not represent a great height. An outer case for the smartphone should do a world of good for buyers.