Mi Mix gets subjected to multiple durability and resistance tests: Has Xiaomi delivered a good bezel-less smartphone or is it mere hype
Has Xiaomi delivered a good bezel-less smartphone or is it mere hypeHugo Barra via Twitter

China-based Xiaomi has managed to attract eyeballs of even non-loyalists across the world thorough its recent offering, which is the Mi Mix bezel-less smartphone. Being bezel-less, undoubtedly adds an extra layer of physical attractiveness, but is the smartphone's external build quality up to the mark is a question that potential buyers of the handset have at this point in time. Now, a noted technology analyst makes an attempt at answering the durability question.

Noted online technology personality, JerryRigEverything, via his new YouTube video (embedded below), subjects the Xiaomi Mi Mix bezel-less smartphone to a durability test. Check out how the smartphone performed in these tests:

The display and the rear

Firstly, before the Xiaomi Mi Mix smartphone is subjected to durability analysis, one of its predecessors viz. Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro barely managed to survive JerryRigEverything's durability test. Loyalists have not forgotten these results.

Now, as far as the actual Xiaomi Mi Mix is concerned, the tipster takes-off the protector from the phone. The first of the durability analysis is the screen scratch test that is done with the help of picks that help evaluate the degree of resistance offered by a smartphone's display when it is scratched.

Here, the Xiaomi Mi Mix scratches at level 6 on the resistance scale, and gets deeper at level 7. Analysing this, JerryRigEverything opines that the level of resistance offered by the Xiaomi Mi Mix is on par with most modern flagships.

Even the rear of the Mi Mix is subject to scratch-resistance tests; and the panel displays scratch marks only at level 8 which certainly represents a positive aspect as far as JerryRig's scratch-resistance analysis pattern is concerned.

The Camera

Even after JerryRig scratched the fingerprint scanner located near the camera, there were no abnormalities/damages. Picks with level 7 of hardness is used here. The lens of the camera is also subject to resistance tests, and results indicate that these do not get scratched easily. JerryRig is clearly impressed by the results.

Heat tests

The IPS LED 6.4-inch display is subjected to heat from a lighter. After nearly 10 seconds, a black spot is observed. However, the functionality is absolutely normal.

Finally, the bend test

Even when the Xiaomi Mi Mix is bent intensively by applying great pressure, the handset's outer body refused to fall apart. Even after the completion of the bend test, the Xiaomi Mi Mix worked perfectly fine during JerryRig's testing.

Final inference

The Xiaomi Mi Mix, withstood all of JerryRig's tests and still remained functional like before. Here, it is worth remembering JerryRig's impartiality and intensity when it comes to subjecting new phones to tests. Now, as the Mi Mix passed all these, the device came out as a winner.