Me Too: T-Series Chairman Bhushan Kumar denies asking woman for sexual favours
Me Too: T-Series Chairman Bhushan Kumar denies asking woman for sexual favours.Twitter

Amid the ongoing MeToo movement, the girl, who had accused T-Series head Bhushan Kumar of seeking sexual favours and sexually exploiting her in the pretext of offering work, has withdrawn her complaint calling the allegations false and malicious.

In a letter to the Oshiwara Police Station, the girl said that she "feels sorry for filing a complaint against Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar adding that the sexual harassment allegations were false and accepted that she had taken this drastic step due to frustration and depression.

"These allegations are malicious and I had no such intentions to malign his (Bhushan Kumar) reputation and shall not make any false statement and allegation against him in future," the girl said in her letter.

She further requested actor-producer Krishan Kumar to withdraw a police complaint that he had filed against her for extortion of money against false allegation. And concluded her letter by requesting the police to not inititate any action against her complaint filed at the police station.

Senior police inspector Shailesh Palaskar confirmed the news to ABP News and said that "a complaint was lodged against Bhushan Kumar but now the girl has withdrawn her complaint."

The girl had anonymously accused Bhushan Kumar on social media of demanding casting couch from a struggling actress. In her post, she had narrated that Kumar had offered her a three-film deal in exchange of having sex with him. She had further accused Kumar of blackmailing her and threatening her if she ever opened up about the alleged incident.

Kumar had denied all the allegations and expressed his frustation of how some random allegations and rumours are used to malign someone putting their reputation at stake.

Check out the full statement on false complaint against Krishan Kumar and Bhushan Kumar here:

False complaint against Krishan Kumar & Bhushan Kumar withdrawn
False complaint against Krishan Kumar & Bhushan Kumar withdrawnIBTimes India