Rahul Easwar
Facebook: Rahul Easwar

Popular anchor and Sabarimala activist Rahul Easwar is the latest person to be named in the #MeToo campaign. An online social media activist named 'Inji Pennu' has exposed incidents of sexual harassment by Easwar. 

In a recent Facebook post, Inji Pennu alleged that one of her friends who is now a well-known artist had faced sexual harassment from Rahul Easwar when she was just 18.

"Yesterday morning, a woman who is a well-known artist and a friend of mine, with whom I occasionally chat mostly personal stuff approached me and started to narrate these incidents about Rahul Easwar. I was stunned," wrote Inji Pennu on her Facebook.

Inju Pennu also shared the testimonial shared by the victim on the same post. In the post, the victim revealed that Rahul Easwar had invited her to his flat telling that his mother was also there. However, when the victim reached Rahul Easwar's flat, his mother was not there, and Rahul allegedly tried to kiss her multiple times.

"When he befriended me, I was happy. Then one day, he invited me to his house, saying his mother is also there and we all can have a discussion. When I entered his flat, I got the wind that his mother was not there. I started to get a little scared. I was very young and naive. He had put on some movie which was soft porn. I started to feel very uneasy. Then he started to give me a tour of his flat. He showed a room and said that is his bedroom. Then he initiated to touch me and kiss me," wrote the victim.

The victim alleged that Rahul Easwar tried to molest her multiple times on the same day until she overcame her fear and escaped.

After posting the bitter experience of the victim, Inji Pennu urged Rahul Easwar and his followers to take a deep look into this issue. The social media activist also added that she will stand strongly with the victim wholly and sincerely.

As the #MeToo story associated with Rahul Easwar went viral online, social media users have now started lashing out against him. Many people argue that Rahul Easwar does not qualify to fight for a diety like Ayyappa, as the God in Sabarimala is considered pure and divine. 

Popular journalist Sunitha Devadas asked Rahul to intervene in the Sabarimala issue only after addressing these allegations on him. 

 IB Times has not independently verified the claims. More details are awaited.