Billy Guan
Billy Guan

Failure is an integral part of success. The more you learn from your failed attempts, the better you get. This is the principle which Top Senior Financial Consultant Billy Guan lives by.

The prestigious member of the Six Figure club is well known for his Entrepreneurial skills and financial advice today. But this was not the case when he had started out in his career. Early on in his life, Billy Guan had to face a lot of rejections in his previous ventures. Failures and heartbreaks rained on him daily. In these adverse times, Billy kept moving forward and learned from every mistake that he made. This is what made his rise to the top as an exemplary agent in his firm. Even today, Billy believes that he must sharpen his skills to maintain his position. This is why he continues to attend various lectures, networking events, and read books.

Five years ago, Billy entered the Financial Services industry. There he gave it his all and maintained the life of a part-time magician. Billy was in a low after completing college and this is when his mentor reached out to him. His mentor, a successful entrepreneur who was featured in 'The Flip Flop CEO' took him under his wing. As an intern, Billy learned a lot about the tax-free strategies that the wealthy use for their retirement.

After Billy finished his training, he soon found himself independently teaching financial workshops and professionals from various industries. Everyone was welcome to learn from Billy Guan. Be it an Entertainer or a Real Estate Professional. Billy's goal was to educate as many people as he could.

This momentum led him to win various awards and let him into the Six Figure Producer club. From thereon, many doors opened. He then met various entrepreneurs and high profile individuals through a combination of networking and social media.

Billy has been a guest on various esteemed podcasts to discuss Financial education and protection. His connection with the people is truly special and his lectures are invaluable. Most recently, in the 2020 market crash, many clients were protected thanks to Billy's financial advice.

Billy believes that he is a sincere professional who cares about his clients deeply. Due to precedents and movies like 'The Wolf of Wall Street' people have lost faith in financial advisors. Billy Guan proves this belief wrong every day by maintaining complete transparency with his clients. Many financial advisors charge unnecessary 'Asset Under Management' fees which can eat up large amounts of assets over time. Billy does not charge his clients any asset management fees and he always operates as a responsible fiduciary, aligning his interests with the clients. By forming a trust-filled and respectful 'Partnership' with the client, Billy Guan believes in achieving goals symbiotically. He wants to reach 'The Promised Land' of Retirement together with his clients and is with them till the end of the road.

Billy Guan is currently a featured guest on the podcasts 'Last Looks' with Ada Trinh and the 'Well Attended' with William Rader where he talks about financial planning for entrepreneurs and entertainment professionals.