A few days ago, Shakti Arora revealed Ranveer of "Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" will be back in his senses soon, but the actor also spoke about how RV's evil twin, Milan, will try making things difficult for him.

In the current track, the good guy is all bandaged up and recuperating at the Vaghela house, while Milan is posing as Ranveer behaving inappropriately with Ishani (Radhika Madan). 

In the upcoming episodes, Milan will be seen forcing Ishani to attend a family function wearing a short dress. The event gets nasty when he hires bar dancers to entertain the guests for the night. Sharman (Gautam Gupta), Ishani's brother, tries stopping him only to be humiliated.

Later, Ishani slaps Ranveer bringing the drama to a pause.

This sudden change in attitude may surprise Ishani and the family members, but the viewers are well aware of Milan's intentions. He's trying his best to make them hate Ranveer so that he can easily take his place.

The question now remains if Ranveer will ever be successful in unmasking Milan?

According to a Tellchakkar report, Manas (Anas Khan) will be shown to be aware of Milan's nefarious plans and will help reunite the separated lovers. Also, Ishani,Ranveer and Manas will together tick him into confessing the truth.