Shakti Arora aka Ranveer of "Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" has close to 2 million followers on social media, and he is quite popular among girls for his boyish charm.

Talking to The Asian Age about the requests his fans make, he said how once he was asked to break up with girlfriend Neha Saxena. "I should break up with Neha and start dating Radhika," he said.

Shakti shares a great chemistry with Radhika (Ishani) on-screen and due to that the viewers often wish to see them together off-screen too.

Talking about their rapport, the two once said it's the friendship that helps them build such a fantastic bond while working.

"It's all the love from our viewers. Apart from that, we've worked hard to build our chemistry and bond. We rehearse each and every scene and add nuances that will improve," Shakti told the leading daily in another recently-concluded interview.

Also, they spoke at length about how they film romantic scenes, adding that Shakti often jokes around.

"Usually, while filming romantic scenes we tend to laugh out loud and actually mess with each other! The two of us are so comfortable and easy going in each other's presence that we keep saying funny things," further elaborated Radhika.

In other news, the situation is pretty sticky in "MATSH", which has Ranveer hospitalised after meeting with an accident.