The current plot of "Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi" has been peppered with interesting twists, but the latest one might shock loyal viewers.

According to a post shared by one of the show's fans on Twitter, Ritika's (Smriti Khanna) baby will die in the upcoming episodes. In short, the lady, who has been causing Ishani (Radhika Madan) and Ranveer (Shakti Arora) so much trouble, will suffer a miscarriage.

A few photos have emerged from the sequence, but there has been no official announcement about the development.

In other news, Ranveer aka RV will be seen coming to Ishani's rescue a couple of times in the coming episodes.

The party, in which RV decides to tag along with Ritika, will later be attended by Ishani and on seeing the two walk around hand-in-hand, she will decide to get herself a drink. When a drunken lecher misbehaves with her, miffing Ranveer, who will come to her rescue?

Ritika, who has made several attempts to murder Ishani earlier, will try killing her again by setting her saree on fire. But, Ishani will be saved by Ranveer who rushes to the spot to put out the flames.

Check out the photo: