Contrary to what is being reported, the much-awaited Ishani-Ranveer reunion may happen soon.

In an interview shared online, Shakti Arora says how RV will be back soon adding that the show will see a bunch unexpected twists and turns. The TV actor also said Milan, the evil twin, is trying his best to tarnish RV's image by behaving inappropriately with Ishani.

Did the TV star hint at Milan's exit?

However, the current track has Ranveer recuperating from a critical facial injury, caused due to an accident. Being heavily bandaged, Ishani hasn't been able to recognise him and knows him as a stranger.

Although being in coma makes Ranveer completely incapable of making any sense of what's going on around him, but he responds to Ishani's touch and voice. This has led the doctors to believe that she could wake him up from his sleep.    

In the upcoming episodes, RV will be discharged from the hospital and taken to the Waghela House. To be welcomed with a flower shower and blessings of elderly members of the house, Ranveer's injuries will hopefully heal soon enough.

In other news, there were several conjectures about how the story would shape up post-accident. While most of the viewers were of the opinion that RV would get a plastic surgery, others predicted memory loss. Whatever the case may be, some interesting plot twists are surely coming up.

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