Mercedes-Benz unveiled Future Bus, company's take on the future of the bus with CityPilot autonomous driving system. The bus in sleek design also incorporates ten cameras in different systems, long and short-range radar systems, networking with traffic light systems and an automatic braking system.

The highlight of the Mercedes-Benz bus is the CityPilot autonomous driving system. The CityPilot is based on the Highway Pilot of the Mercedes-Benz Actros, which the company unveiled two years ago. However it has been reworked to meet the needs of public transport such as traffic light recognition, pedestrian recognition, centimetric precision when halting at bus stops and the ability to drive semi-autonomously in tunnels. It approaches bus stops automatically, where it opens and closes its doors.

The camera and the radar system in the bus constantly monitor the route ahead. There is also a GPS system. Mercedes conducted a demonstration of the CityPilot of the bus in Amsterdam on a section of 20km long bus rapid transit (BRT) line. The bus self drove at the speed of up to 70 kmph following all traffic rules and stopping at bus stations. A driver was on board just to monitor the process and didn't assist the tech. Daimler Buses claims it is the world's first manufacturer to put a city bus into automated operation in a real-life traffic situation.

The next generation technology and autonomous driving of the future bus is also complemented with a sleek design. The 12-metre-long bus based on the Citaro has been extensively reworked in terms of design. The bus appeals with an asymmetrical height that adds more modern and attractive exterior design. The interior is open and light. The low-floor bus is divided into three areas: The service area is at the front near the driver; the express area for short journeys with a focus on standing room and quick passenger flow is in the middle; behind that is a lounge area where passengers spend more time. Paassneger's smartphones can be charged wirelessly. The driver receives the required information on a large display. The bus also boasts of an electronic ticket system.