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Telugu movie Mental Madhilo (Mental Madilo) starring Sree Vishnu and Nivetha Pethuraj has received positive reviews and ratings from the audience.

Mental Madhilo is a romantic drama, written and directed by Vivek Athreya. Raj Kandukuri of Pelli Choopulu fame has produced the movie under his banner Dharmapatha Creations. The movie has been awarded a U/A certificate by the censor board and it has runtime of 2.02 hours.

Story: It is all about Aravind Krishna (Sree Vishnu), who is a shy, innocent and confused guy. His parents decide to marry him off to Swetcha (Nivetha Pethuraj), who is uber confident urban girl. Both get along and the girl tries to help him overcome his shortcomings. But at this juncture, he leaves for Mumbai on work and he ends up getting attracted to Renuka (Amrutha Srinivasan), whose character is similar to him. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Analysis: Mental Madhilo is a simple romance drama, but it breaks free from stereotypes. It is an intricate character study of three different lives and the director has made sure that it is an entertaining watch. The first half of the film is quite engaging, but the second half is bit dragging and slow, say the viewers.

Performances: Sree Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj and Amrutha Srinivasan have delivered good performances, which are the highlights of Mental Madhilo. The hero's chemistry with the heroines is another attraction of the movie. Shivaji Raja and other supporting artistes have done justice to their roles, say the filmgoers.

Technical: Mental Madhilo has rich production values. Prashanth R Vihari's songs and background score, beautiful cinematography are the attractions on the technical front, say the audiences.

Mental Madhilo movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audiences' response below:

LΣGΣПD ❤️ யுவி‏ @its_uvaraj

#Mentalmadhilo Great Entertainer. Realistically sweet. Sree Vishnu . The lead ladies Nivetha n Amrutha Fantastic. My personal favourite Amrutha. First film in Telugu for Amrutha a tamilian n she dubs Beautifully in Telugu... @NPethuraj All the best ammu

Nitin Teja™ Official‏ @Nitinteja12

#myreview: #MentalMadhilo An entertaining weekend movie with good family scenes & entertaining 1st half, 2nd half could have been better with clarity... Though u enjoy with hero charcter till end .. #MyChoice - watch it for sure for this weekend Rating - 3.5/5

Hemanth Kumar C R‏ @crhemanth

ICYMI : Here's my review of @sreevishnu29 @NPethuraj @AmruthaSrini starrer #MentalMadhilo - Love Trumps Confusion in #VivekAthreya's sparkling debut. This is also a film where the girl says, "I know what I want." You don't hear it so often. @vishnuviv

Thyview‏ @Thyview

Entertaining 1st half...njoyed it to the parts are the scenes between sree Vishnu & Shivaji raja..hilarious.Nivetha pethuraj is so natural and her eyes are very captivating.beautiful and soothing music and a good interval twist. #MentalMadhilo @sreevishnu29 @NPethuraj In recent times after Arjun reddy, audience 1st half interval time lo bhale theesad ra director, Ilane kada bayata jarigedhi too good theesadu ani oka iddaru anukunte... inko iddaru mama ilanti movies konali ra us distribution ki ani #MentalMadhilo @sreevishnu29 @vishnuviv #MentalMadhilo must's light, fresh & funny in the 2st half and matured, romantic drama & emotional in the 2nd. @vishnuviv made a staggering debut as The director and mainly the soul lies in the writing in which he excelled too... Welcome to Tollywood Vivek Athreya #MentalMadhilo is tailor made for @sreevishnu29 and he is perfect to the T as aravind Krishna..the characters touches all the lighter vein emotions and he excelled. His chemistry with both the leading ladies @NPethuraj & Amrutha is very good on screen.. #MentalMadhilo the movie looks fresh becoz of the characterization of both the leading ladies .@NPethuraj is excellent and I am in awe of her screen presence a very striking debut..And coming to Amurtha her character is well written and has a lot of depth and she performed well #mentalMadhilo final word : I personally would have liked mor scenes in third looked bit rush but still the overall feel is never down. good performance by the Cast and a strong script makes #MentalMadhilo worth every penny..have fun this weekend Thyview rating : 3.25/4

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Kalla kattuma‏ @kalla_kattuma

#MentalMadhilo #MentalMadilo 3.5/5 is yet another addition to the growing urge of New age Cinema in Tollywood. Well done Vivek Athreya. Super Performances by Sri Vishnu, Nivetha n Amrutha.

Kaniha Suresh‏ @kaniha_suresh

#MentalMadhilo #MentalMadilo 3.75/5 Loved the writing. Refreshingly cute. Solid characterizations of Sri Vishnu and Nivetha. @AmruthaSrini is BRILLIANT as Renuka in a quirky role. Awesome. Can't believe how well Amrutha has dubbed for herself.

Sandhya Ram‏ @SandyRam1978

#Mentalmadhilo #Mentalmadilo 3.5/5 My rating. Awesome debut by Vivek athreya. Loved it. Sree Vishnu n Nivetha were superb. Amrutha Srinivasan as Renuka - Wow what a find. Dubbed lines of her own. Superb.

Vinod Kasiraman‏ @VinodKasiraman

3.25/5 #MentalMadhilo #Mentalmadilo Too good. Very realistic n sweet. Sree Vishnu, nivetha n Amrutha Srinivasan knock it out of the park.

Varun Kilaru‏ @varunkilaru

#MentalMadhilo - Fresh writing and realistic scenes! Nivetha Shivaji Raja The second half is initially inconsistent but picks up beautifully towards the end.. Vivek Athreya is a talent to watch out for...

Niam Riaz‏ @niam_riaz

#MentalMadhilo Sweet film with 3 really solid Performances from Sri Vishnu, Nivetha and Amrutha. Clean Entertainer. #mentalmadhilo @AmruthaSrini who played Renuka in the film was brilliant in a quirky role. Dubbed really well in Telugu. Solid Performance.

Sivasu‏ @Sivasu16

3.5/5 #MentalMadhilo #MentalMadilo Solid writing. Superbly written 3 characters. Nivetha superb. Sree Vishnu outstanding. @AmruthaSrini of livin fame as Renuka is fantastic.

The Rohan‏ @Rohan4704

#MentalMadhilo it's a Beautiful film with extraordinary performances from @sreevishnu29 @NPethuraj both of u nailed it Fun-filled first half, emotional second half Prasanth's Music & BGM's Welldone @vishnuviv Congratulations sir @IamRajKandukuri keep going ATB #MentalMadhilo My rating: 3.75/5 Pro's: Lead pair acting Directon Music Dop Good production values Cons: Nothing much to say bt bit slow in second half Final verdict: one of the best movie of the year,don't miss it. Special appreciation for director @vishnuviv @IamRajKandukuri

Telugu360 @Telugu360

#MentalMadhilo 1st half is very good. It is fun , fresh, realistic and classy. Sri Vishnu , Nivetha are super cool. Debut Director Vivek Athreya excelled in every scene. Hoping for good 2nd Half! #MentalMadhilo 2nd half is emotional , matured and ends on Happy note Overall, simple yet refreshing film. Surprise package of the season, this film is clean and entertaining ! Kudos to the debutante director

Rishi‏ @rishivenkatram2

#MentalMadhilo beeaaauuutifullllll throughout, except a few dull moments in the 2nd half. @sreevishnu29 and @NPethuraj natural performers. Lovely music. Sure-Shot winner

LokeshFan - NY ‏ @LokeshFan

#MentalMadhilo is Average. Good for home watch. Good first half, very slow second half #MentalMadhilo could have been lot better. Overall it's an okay film. Watch #MentalMadhilo with low expectations, you may like it.

Surya Teja Myneni‏ @Surya_Myneni

#MentalMadilo wonderful piece of work!!! @sreevishnu29 champesav bhayya action #repeatmode

Reddy301‏ @reddy301

#MentalMadhilo Just finished the premiere. SreeVishnu gave the best performance of his career. Superb Romance Drama

SANJU ane Nenu‏ @ranbir_adhm

#MentalMadhilo excellent first half . beautiful moments. every scene @vishnuviv #MentalMadhilo second half keeps u guessing. fantastic writing @vishnuviv must watch .highly recommended my rating 3.7/5

HE IS COMING 10.01.18‏ @haripspk18

Done with First Half...!!! Too cool and refreshing sree vishnu had gone Very well...!!! @NPethuraj you r just ❤️❤️❤️ #MentalMadhilo Decent watch Sree vishnu Has excelled in His role @NPethuraj Wow What an intro to Telugu Industry...!!! Hope U will do these type of roles in future too..!!! #MentalMadhilo

CinePulse‏ @cine_pulse

#MentalMadhilo feel good entertainer with an emotional touch 3.25/5 Pellichupulu Prod Raj Kandukuri is a man with golden hand

Censor Reports‏ @CensorReports

#MentalMadhilo U/A 141min + Super First Half + Decent Second Half 3.25/5 - Hit