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Kangana Ranaut and Rajkummar Rao starrer Mental Hai Kya could be renamed after a complaint filed by the Indian Psychiatric Society over the film's title. In a letter to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), the official body has expressed an objection to the title Mental Hai Kya and its posters. It has requested a change or face legal action. The issue is being discussed on Twitter by leading clinical psychologists.

In a letter addressed to CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi, an adman who is active in Bollywood as a lyricist, the Indian Psychiatric Society says, "We take serious objections to the title of the movie which is discriminative, stigmatising, degrading, inhumane in projecting mental disorders and people who suffer from mental disorders. We strongly demand the title to be removed with immediate effect preventing further damage to the modesty of mental health service users."

The Indian Psychiatric Society has also taken cognizance of the posters of Mental Hai Kya. "We have observed the following posters of the movie Mental Hai Kya," it says in the letter, adding, "We as a professional body committed to promoting mental health of the people of India, with highest ethical and moral standards take objections on a number of issues. This movie violates many sections of per Mental Health Care Act 2017... Violation of Mental Health Care Act invites legal action."

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The letter is signed by Dr Mrugesh Vaishanav, Indian Psychiatric Society president, and Dr Vinay Kumar, Indian Psychiatric Society honorary secretary. Read the full letter here, which has been tweeted by Sonali Gupta, clinical psychologist and columnist with Mumbai Mirror, saying, "Indian Psychiatric Society has officially now asked an explanation for the posters and how the movie is choosing to symbolically represent mental illness. This is a huge step."

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Mental Hai Kya complaint letter by Indian Psychiatric Society.Twitter
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Smriti Joshi, a clinical psychologist, has also tweeted about the posters and title Mental Hai Kya being full of stigma. She says, "Here s why we need to #Bridgethegap in all aspects with regards to #Mentalhealth scenario in India. upcoming movie #mentalhaikya -the name, the images super triggering and loaded with stigma @netshrink @AnantBhan @chibberratna @VijayNallawala @mentalhealthind @healthcollectif."