Allison Noyce and her miracle baby
Allison Noyce and her miracle babyFacebook/ Allison Noyce

Menopause hit Allison Noyce when she was merely 20 years old. So when she was told almost 15 years later that she was pregnant and that the baby was due within a few days, Noyce was nothing short of ecstatic.

Having undergone a pre-mature menopause, pregnancy was one aspect of life Noyce thought she would never experience.

The fitness instructor noticed that she was unusually tired after a 40-mile bike ride; coupled that with the uneasiness in her stomach, she was convinced the medicos would give her terrible news. At 36, she had expected to be diagnosed with cancer, but instead Noyce was informed that she was pregnant and just 12 days away from giving birth.

Her miracle baby Sophie, was born in 2013, weighing 6lb 4oz, reports Daily Mail. "Sophie is truly a miracle. We simply couldn't believe it when doctors said I was not only pregnant – but so close to delivery."

Noyce was truly convinced that pregnancy was not a possibility for her, because after her marriage to husband Richard, she had double-checked with some doctors who reinstated that she could not conceive naturally.

"Richard and I were worried it was something serious. So we were overcome with emotion when the woman doing an ultrasound said I was eight months pregnant. Relief that it wasn't cancer and sheer joy that we were having a baby," relates an overjoyed Noyce.

Noyce's condition is very rare, as most women undergo menopause during their late 40s or early 50s . It marks the termination of a woman's reproductive ability. A woman giving birth in a condition of infertility is almost unheard of. This is the reason why most career-driven and financially able women are freezing their eggs so as to thaw, fertilise and transfer them to the uterus as embryos at the right time.