Member of Parliament from Ernakulam Loksabha Constituency and young leader of the Congress party, Hybi Eden is on a 'Cup of Life' campaign to promote the menstrual health.

As part of this campaign, he conducted a social experiment using period pan stimulators that recreate pain levels experienced by women during their monthly menstrual cycle.

The electronic devices named Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) machines are designed to relieve pain. When these stimulators are turned a notch up, they create intense and irritant discomfort for whoever using it.

Men feel irritating pain in experiment with period pain stimulators in Kochi mall
Men feel irritating pain in experiment with period pain stimulators in Kochi mallIANS

The Indian Medical Association, Kochi chapter along with Hybi Eden, MPA, carried out a social experiment using a period pain stimulator inside a Kochi mall.

While speaking to media persons, Hybi Eden sai, "I've done it once and am going to do again. It was not very painful but painful in an irritating way."

Some men participated in the experiment to have a feel of what women experience during the period time and according to onlookers and shoppers who filmed it, some participants were wincing and even screaming in pain as the notches were increased.

Hybi Eden has plans to distribute free menstrual cups to more than one lakh people in his constituency within 24 hours. The initiative, according to Hybi Eden will be conducted on August 30 and 31 and will set a world record if completed as planned. This is part of the 'Cup of Life' Campaign envisaged by the Member of Parliament.

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