Meizu is keeping itself extremely busy with new launches and now the company has started rolling out a major software upgrade. After demonstrating the highly-advanced Flyme 5.0 during its Go Pro event in China last month, Meizu is keeping up its word by releasing the new OS first for the MX5 smartphone. Meizu's Flyme brings plenty of new features and upgrades that will improve your experience with the MX5. 

Meizu had confirmed last month that its current flagship MX5 will be first to receive the Flyme 5.0 software. While the Chinese smartphone maker assured the new software will be rolled out to other Meizu handsets, the latest Meizu Pro 5 will run Flyme 5.0 out of the box.

The Flyme 5.0 brings several improvements to the entire UI and MX5 users will find significant difference. The new OS is available as an OTA (over-the-air) download for MX5 users and weighs about 940MB. Due to overloaded servers, the download is taking significantly long and GSM Arena suggests waiting out for a few hours or even a day before updating.

Before updating your MX5 to Flyme 5.0, make sure you have at least 60% battery on your phone. Also, be sure to connect to a stable Wi-Fi network for the upgrade. 

What's changed in the Flyme

By updating your MX5 to Flyme 5.0, you will witness new features, refined icons and animations, better battery, performance improvement and overall stability. Meizu's official fan page was updated with the complete change-log for the Flyme OS.

Everything, from desktop to notification bar and lock screen, has been changed in the new Flyme 5.0. The desktop changes include Floating notice, split screen mode, multitasking, automatic naming for folders and batch finishing icons. Moving to the notifications area in the Flyme OS 5.0, users can see detailed information and also set priority notifications under Settings.

The Meizu Flyme OS 5.0 also brings a new lock screen that enables users to control whether or not to view notifications when the device is locked and also get music covers and lyrics on the lock screen. The updated Meizu MX5 will feature a new phone screen, complete with floating notice for new calls, suspended dial pad design, support for slide switch contacts, call records and new Yellow Pages directory. You can also tag harassment calls and get one-touch access to Yellow Pages.

The Meizu MX5 with Flyme 5.0 users will witness new camera features such as the new GIF shooting mode, time watermark, voice camera and manual mode. Once shot on MX5, the Gallery app appears more sophisticated. There is a Map mode that displays photos in map, lets you choose custom covers for albums, fliter small size images, background backup, hide photos, photo editor and photo week view.

In addition, the Flyme OS for Meizu MX5 brings new and improved search function, volume category management, improved network settings, battery life management and analog colour, which can be helpful for those with colour blindness.

Meizu also introduced a new app called ToolBox, which undertakes various functions such as compass, leveling, magnifier, mirror and more. Other notable upgrades include fresh home design for the browser with a new toolbar, improved Music, video, app store, calculator, file, notes, sketchpad, calendar, game center, mail, and clock. Detailed changes in each app can be found on Meizu fans page.

Can you download Flyme 5.0 for other Meizu phones?

Meizu clearly notes in its blog that the new Flyme is exclusively for MX5 firmware. Hence manually upgrading your OS on any other Meizu smartphone will brick your handset or cause other damages.

Meizu will likely roll out the update to other phones but there is no specific date of release.