Meizu is holding its highly anticipated Go Pro event in Beijing on Wednesday. The leading Chinese smartphone maker has chosen the gigantic Beijing National Convention Center as the venue for the event, where it is expected to release the high-end Pro 5 smartphone. IBTimes India brings you the live coverage of Meizu Go Pro event from the venue:


2:00pm: Event concludes.

1:59pm:  Price details revealed (see pics below)

1:57pm: Aber comes back on stage and summarises the event

  • Pro 5
  • Flyme 5
  • Pro service
  • M support
  • Pro accessories
  • Meizu mini router

Harman Kardon collaborated in pro products and accessories. The company hopes to deliver the best user experience.

1:56pm: Nan launches a new router which is a a tiny compact router that looks simple and plugs to a wall. It offers 433Mbps speed.

1:54pm: Nan also launches my card for movies TV shows and everything else.

1:52pm: Nan launches the remote Tencent. Priced at 649 rmb, Tencent comes with waterproofing and moves on its own. It can be controlled by a smartphone. 

1:47pm: Li Nan talks about improved and dedicated after sales service. M support will bring remote assistance, a step fuether than call centre. This will allow technicians to fix problems that cannot be fixed by call centres. Furthermore, Miezu also offers on-site support for convenience, which  justifies the VIP service.

The remote suppprt will be encrypted and users can disconnect the remote anytime. The remote will start testing on Octorber 12 and will go live on November 12. 

1:38pm: Camera functions are also improved to take better selfies, GIF and slow motion videos. The new credit system allows users to make new purchases. Flyme is optimised for faster launch. Memory compression keeps the UI fast.

The image compression technology adjusts memory. Another feature that makes Flyme 5 better than 4.5 is that users can report loss of mobile and request to freeze an account. The front camera can capture the person using the phone currently. Users can erase all data remotely.

1:34 pm: Other functions of Flyme 5 include new locking system, 5 rows instead of 4 and a redisgend multi task UI for better switching. A new split screen feature has been included which will prevent incoming calls from interrupting your gaming. A simple popup will show if you want to attend or reject the call. 

1:19pm: R&D VP Kang Kan takes the stage. He announces that a new version of Flyme will be allowed. Flyme 5 is the new UI, which will be first available on mx5.

The new Flyme 5 is kept simple with a faster UI and better spacing. White or grey colours are used for mail, but brighter colours are used in videos. The background in apps, like App Store, changes depending on the apps you browse. Flyme 5 also comes with new animations. More than 200 animations are included in Flyme 5. It also has better interaction, visual and animation.

1:15pm: Meizu will continue to choose the best in class specifications.

1:13pm: The CEO also reveales new headphones that follow the Pro design. The headphones are priced at 199 RMB. Harman Kardon is onboard for new type of headphones that reduce noise.

Earphones give beat music experience with Pro 5. Soundsticks 3 wireless sound bars can be paired with Pro 5 to deliver oprah like sound experience.

1:01pm: The handset comes with upgraded UFS 2.0, 32GB ufs 2.0, 4gb LPDDR4 RAM for higher end and 3GB RAM for base model. The handset was compared with major handsets and it could beat all others in browser speed and other aspects.

The phone has a 3050mAh battery with a sensor hub. Power consumption is oly 4 percent with Rapid charging technology. It also has an mCharge facility which charges 65 percent in 30 minutes and a USB type C port, the latest standard found in Oneplus 2 smartphone.

The camera has an image signal processor and 24p/s. The device takes better low light photos with a 0.7 second launch time for camera. Focus speed is 0.2 second with laser focus technology facilitating great detail in day and also good quality in low light. The smartphone records 4k at 120fps and 30 fps. 

Meizu Pro 5 also focuses on music whcih was company's initial business. It also lanuched HIfi 2.0 which enhances the phone's performance. It reaches upto 123db. 

12:55pm: Other features revealed are:

  • Dual 4G - 4Gplus that delivers 300Mbps
  • Voice over LTE for better voice quality 
  • Video calls can be 10 times better than 3G
  • Samsung exynos 7420 cpu
  • It is 20 percent better than snapdragon 810
  • Uses Mali t760 GPU which is 10 percent better than adreno

12:43: Ceo Aber Bai reveals features of the phone that include a metal body, curved back, smooth glass and gold polish.

The handset is crafted carefully to bring perfection to every detail.

Meizu's Go Pro 5 is made sleek and the buttons are engraved. Meizu deems 2k display useless, Hence the Pro 5 comes with a 5.7 inch Full HD display - Super AMOLED.

12:35pm: Meizu reveals its redesinged logo. The new logo looks more appealing, simple and elegant. The use of blue, white and black relates to sky. 

12:32pm: The event commences.

12:06pm: Meizu GO Pro event has started with a performance from Wang Feng.

Wang Feng was also the founder and lead vocals of the rock band No. 43 Baojia Street. After two albums No. 43 Baojia Street (1997) and No. 43 Baojia Street 2 (1998), he signed a solo contract with Warner Music Beijing Co., Ltd. The third album Fireworks (2000) was the beginning of his solo career.

12:05pm: The China National Convention Center is fully packed with media representatives, guests and fans. The event is about to start in a few minutes. 

11:15am IST: The event will begin at 2.30pm local time in Beijing (12 noon IST). A performance by Wang Feng and band commenced at 11:00pm IST. CEO Aber Bai will be delivering a speech at 12:30pm IST for 15 minutes, which will be followed by VP R&D Kang Kan speaking for 15 minutes.

9:12am IST: A source aware of the company's plans revealed that Meizu Pro 5 is set to launch at the event, which commences at 2:30pm local time in Beijing (12:00pm IST). The grand unveiling of the new high-end flagship will be witnessed by nearly 2,000 media officials, guests and fans. Pro 5 is likely to feature a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, an improved processor, 21.1MP primary camera. Meizu Pro 5 will be launched globally but the availability in different countries will vary. In India, Meizu will bring the Pro 5 smartphone after clearing all the regulatory hurdles.