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Meghan Markle has made it quite clear that she will not change her ways to accommodate the Royal Family's traditions. It has long been a point of contention between the Palace and the Duchess of Sussex.

Reportedly, Meghan Markle has told a group of women she has no intention of sacrificing "her heart's desires" as she continues to enjoy royal life.

The Daily Mirror reports the remarks were made as she joined the Woodstock Exchange's Ladies Who Launch meeting on her trip to South Africa. However, some have commented the royals more relaxed attitudes to etiquette have caused confusion. Jacky Poking of Bo-Kaap Civic and Ratepayers Association explained: "I have no idea how to speak to them.....We haven't received any official brief on etiquette."

Matsi Modise, one of the group discussed some of the talk with the Woodstock Exchange. 

Meghan Markle
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She explained: "She talked about being a mother and having duties as a duchess and fulfilling what her heart desires — and that it can't just fade away now that you're a duchess....That you have to be true to who you are."

Ms. Modsi added that Meghan Markle insisted to the group that they push forward with their ambitions. That seems in line with Meghan Markle. Ever since she joined the Royal Family, Meghan Markle has flouted Royal tradition in favour of her own needs. This has caused quite a few problems for the Royal Family. And it has even made the Duke and Duchess of Sussex lose public favour.

Meghan Markle has also been trying to carve out an alternate career for herself, apart from just being a member of the Royal Family. But it is nice to see that nothing is letting Meghan Markle compromise on her stand.